Corker’s Narcissism Squashed by President Trump’s #FakeNews Reality

For many years we’ve been witness to the narcissism of the elite. When bad things happen to the American people, politicians and the media show their faux sincerest sympathies and then move on. However, should something bad happen to them, we’re inundated with presentations about what they’re going through and how we should all be aware of the toll such an event takes on them.

Flashback: When Bad Things Happen TO The Media
Flashback: If Bad Things Happened To Politicians

The second flashback is most pertinent again because arrogant, know-it-all politicians never seem to get it.

Prior to Senator John McCain’s 2008 presidential run, he was a liberal media darling because he was always counted on to say bad things about then-President Bush and Republicans in general. He arrogantly assumed that when he ran for president, he’d get a fair shot and ended up getting the shock of his life when the liberal media turned on him with a vengeance.

Donald Trump has consistently lashed out at a partisan media cabal, labeling them #FakeNews, much to a media that has never had to answer for their malpractice and disregard to the simple rules of journalism.

It was en vogue to slam candidate, now President Donald Trump and many Republicans accepted the media’s call and that kept them out of the cross hairs.

That is, until it happens to them.

Senator Bob Corker has now seen the light.

Despite the numerous examples of media attacks on the president and his administration with only take-our-word-for-it, anonymous source-driven hit pieces, Corker just looked the other way all this time… until it happened to him and now he has the nerve to say he now sympathizes with President Trump.


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