Poll: Did YOU See Any Russian ‘Influence’ to Vote Trump Over Hillary?

Who said, I’ll have more flexibility after election? The left would have you believe it was a 2016 candidate Donald Trump secret communique with Russian president Vladimir Putin.

But it wasn’t.

Did YOU witness any "Russian" influence to vote for Donald Trump?

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Almost immediately after Donald Trump was declared President of the United States, we’ve been inundated with charges from Democrats and their media of Russian collusion with his campaign to defeat the heavily-favored Hillary Clinton. We’ve been assured by the left that the Russians planted advertisements and #FakeNews stories via something akin to a Jedi mind trick that coerced “non-college educated” simpletons in flyover country to go against their better instincts and vote Trump, NOT the superior Hillary.

As people who consume and dissect media stories from various social media platforms, we never saw any messages (blatant or subliminal) that was steering an unsuspecting American electorate to vote one way or another, aside from the traditional messaging coming from American special interest groups.

By why let the obvious distract from the most convenient excuse for Hillary’s loss….

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