The TOP 25 Black & Blonde Media Stories of 2017

Of course, hate hoaxes committed mostly by liberals following the unhinged reaction to the election of Donald Trump is a work in progress, but many exposed themselves for whom they really are in 2017.

The following list is in chronological order.

1: On-Air ‘Journalists’ Are Lib-Trained, Poli-Sci Hacks
Let’s be real, these are not journalists but selected activists who were hired to tell us all what to think. Just ask Mika!
2: Rogue #DeepState ‘Swamp’ Employees in Full Dissent Mode Against @POTUS
Anyone in the military can tell you what would happen if you decided you weren’t going to do what the commanding officer ordered and organized others to follow your “dissent”….
3: Portuguese Feminists Abort Jesus in Front of Catholic Church
Legitimizing “performance art” for the offspring of the rich and untalented was the downfall of the craft
4: Liberal ‘Experts’ Screwed Stockholders with Bad Pre-Election Predictions
This had to be blown off because of the potential liability Eichenwald and Krugman’s employers were potentially exposed to. Think about how many people took their advice and lost millions
5: Sanctuary State Bill 54: the ‘California Values Act’
California has been a “sanctuary state” for decades. They just put it on paper
6: Tomi Lahren: EXACTLY What’s Wrong with the Conservative ‘Media’
Plunging necklines, push-up bras, six inch heels, blonde hair extensions: that’s all it takes to make it big in the conservative movement. Just ask…
7: The @Joy_Villa Hu$tle
So many were immediately sucked in and are now trying to convince all around them that they were on to her all along
8: Can We Now Defend Ourselves Against Violent #Antifa Women?
They believed they could take the first swing and walk away because you can’t hit the girl
9: ‘Fagitude’ – Self-Outed Shep Smith Insults His Fox News Audience
He knows any retribution from his employer would be cause for a really big lawsuit
10: The Near Lily-White $outhern Poverty Law Center ‘Leadership’
The race pimps used Donald Trump to make millions and keep their old, fat, and white very comfortable
11: #Rogue, Useful Idiot, Top Secret Doc Leaker #RealityWinner Busted
Who would bust a “pretty, white and cute” girl just because SHE knew what was best for the country?
12: Scalise/GOP Shooting: The Predictable Progression of Democrat #Resistance
The culmination of years of liberal death-wishes of Republican unanswered
13: Pr. William Co. Board Caves: Gives ‘Special Treatment’ for New Mosque
Certain identity groups say they want equal treatment, then demand special treatment
14: Why ‘Climate Change’ Alarmists Will NEVER Debate Skeptics
Ask any climate change activist why this has never happened. Should be a slam dunk, right?
15: Who Gave the SPLC the Right to Designate Who is a Hater?
Waiting for the inevitable class action response
16: Is Really Going Broke While the Mikkelsons Live Large?
Another brilliant marketing ploy aimed at those who still haven’t mastered the search function on their PCs
17: Anarchists, #Antifa, #BLM Caused Charlottesville Violence and ‘Terrorism’
Had the left not ramped this up, the irrelevant rally would have been like that fallen tree in the woods
18: #Charlottesville’s Vice Mayor Wes Bellamy: Racist, Misogynist, Democrat
If you’re a liberal, you get a lot of rope
19: George Soros, the Beverly Hills #Antifa Demands Payment
Why pay stoopids when you can get them to commit criminal acts for free
20: If Kaepernick is Signed, Will He Still Suck?
Social justice activists didn’t follow the NFL until this year so they really don’t know how bad Kaepernick was… but that doesn’t matter
21: Sergio Dipp: The Latest Reason to NOT Watch ESPN, MNF
Of all of the competent, experienced sports reporters in the country, Dipp was ESPN’s go-to
22: Kneeling Players Need Look in the Mirror Before Insulting Trump
Where are the fathers to keep young black males out of trouble? Too inconvenient a question?
23: Trump Saves UCLA ‘Shoplifters’; No Thanks from #BLM
President Trump will unfortunately (and justifiably) think twice before helping an American in trouble overseas thanks to the narcissist Ball family
24: The View’s Joy Behar: Lying, Groping, Hypocrite
After the whole Harvey Weinstein-sexual assault awakening, an unapologetic Joy Behar proved that women will get a pass on similar misbehavior
25: Cook County Employees to be Laid Off; Cry and Beg to be Spared
While bad for them, this was collective payback for anyone who’s had a negative experience with a taxpayer-funded government employee (and that’s almost all of us)

See you in 2018. Should be another interesting year!

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