Celtics’ Jaylen Brown: The Latest America/Trump Basher Overseas

The liberal writer for the UK’s Guardian condescendingly gushes over Boston Celtics guard Jaylen Brown.

Jaylen Brown is one the most intelligent and interesting young athletes I’ve met in years and it seems fitting that, midway through our interview in Boston, he should retell a parable that brings together Martin Luther King and the great American writer David Foster Wallace.
The Guardian, 1/9/18

Did Donald McRae think he’d need to “axe” simple questions and just what does that say about what he thought of the athletes he previously interviewed?

The Celtics are currently in London to play the Philadelphia 76ers Thursday and as McRae was obviously so impressed with Brown’s ability to put together coherent sentences, he got him to talk about the one thing he assumed American black people always want to discuss: racism.

Do you think McRae leads every interview with an intelligence assessment or is that just reserved for those who impress past his preconceptions? Chances are not very often, so with that it’s not a surprise that he’d steer a conversation with a black professional basketball player into not only publicly calling the nation that gave him an opportunity to be set for life financially “racist”, but go after a Republican president as a bonus.

Obviously Brown has scant knowledge of the Dixie Chicks and how their “free speech” irreparably damaged their careers. Giving red meat to a professional blaxploiter has the same effect of riling readers when words make it back home.

“Racism definitely still exists in the South,” he says, remembering his youth in Marietta, Georgia. “I’ve experienced it through basketball. I’ve had people call me the n-word. I’ve had people come to basketball games dressed in monkey suits with a jersey on. I’ve had people paint their face black at my games. I’ve had people throw bananas in the stands.

“Racism definitely exists across America today. Of course it’s changed a lot – and my opportunities are far greater than they would have been 50 years ago. So some people think racism has dissipated or no longer exists. But it’s hidden in more strategic places. You have less people coming to your face and telling you certain things. But [Donald] Trump has made it a lot more acceptable for racists to speak their minds.”

Black people are always going on about any kind of imagery depicting them like animals. It’s happening now as we speak.

H&M Has Apologised After It Used A Young Black Boy To Model A Jumper With “Monkey” Written On It

Note to black people, especially black athletes who love to pose like wild animals after they perform a feat they’re handsomely paid to do: if you allow yourself to be photographed screaming like an animal, that’s just how liberals will portray you.

But more on racist America….

Brown admits that, when he was 14, “It wounds you. But when I got older and went to the University of California [Berkeley] I learnt about a more subtle racism and how it filters across our education system through tracking, hidden curriculums, social stratification and things I had no idea of before. I was really emotional – because one of the most subtle but aggressive ways racism exists is through our education system.”

Note how he spoke of President Trump making it easier for racists to speak their minds yet the experiences that left a lasting impression on Brown came from his immersion in one of the most liberal, “progressive” campuses in the United States.

Go figure.

“Even though I’ve ended up in a great place, who is to say where I would’ve been without basketball? It makes me feel for my friends. And my little brothers or cousins have no idea how their social mobility is being shaped. I wish more and more that I can explain it to them. Just because I’m the outlier in my neighbourhood who managed to avoid the barriers set up to keep the privileged in privilege, and the poor still poor, why should I forget about the people who didn’t have the same chance as me?”

A condescending white liberal loves hearing this.

“We’re having some of the same problems we had 50 years ago.”

Who have black people been blindly voting for over the last 50 years with virtually nothing to show for it?

McRae delved into a topic he assumed a black man could handle and heard gold when Brown ended with his professional assessment of President Trump.

Trump’s Twitter war in November with LaVar Ball tipped the scales, for Brown, beyond credulity. The President accused Ball of being “ungrateful” – following the release from China of his son, LiAngelo, and two other UCLA basketball players after they were caught shoplifting. “He demanded a thank you,” Brown says of Trump. “It’s ridiculous. What happened to people doing things out of the generosity of their heart or because it was the right thing to do? There have been multiple situations where it’s been ridiculous but that one was like: ‘OK I’m done. I’m done listening to anything you have to say.’ A 19-year-old kid makes a mistake overseas and [Trump] demands an apology from his dad? I think Trump’s unfit to lead.”

Let’s hope Jaylen Brown doesn’t do anything stupid in Great Britain. He may be on hold for a while, trying to get anyone at the embassy to put a call into the ONE MAN who could get him off the hook quickly.

I did not grow up in Marietta, Georgia or The South, for that matter, and I’m sure there is a lingering amount of racism as there is in many areas of the country, but if I ever had another opportunity to represent my country, as I did as a member of the United States Navy stationed overseas, I certainly wouldn’t publicly trash it, let alone my home town.

Sorry, given technology as it is today, I’m sure we’d have seen pictures or video of people coming to high school and/or college basketball games dressed in monkey suits, in blackface, throwing bananas from the stands… IF it really happened. This kind of thing would surely have made local-to-national news. Until I see it, I’m not buying it but because it’s Jaylen Brown, we’re just supposed to take his word for it.

I’m a Celtics fan and have been one since the late 70’s. This has been an inspiring year, especially with the emergence of their younger players despite the adversity, but as far as Jaylen Brown is concerned, I’m done with him because he’s shown himself to be another dumb American in the celebrity class who arrogantly assumed his words would not make it back across the ocean.

Wrong, again.

BTW — The Guardian’s McRae is a racist liberal who loves to get black people to say incendiary things about America and Donald Trump in particular. In an interview last fall with former world champion boxer James Toney, he found another black athlete to exploit and brought out the best that would make any butt-hurt progressive sigh with empathy.

“He’s a fucking asshole. Remember when he was a promoter and he had me and Roy [Jones] on the same bill in Atlantic City. I should’ve punched him in the face but my mom and Jackie stopped me. Trump pointed to me and was saying: ‘Call Whatsisname over here.’ I’m thinking: ‘Whatsisname? I’m your headline attraction and you can’t say my name?’ I said to Trump: ‘I’m going to bust your head open, motherfucker.’ My mom and Jackie pulled me away but I should’ve knocked his head off and saved the world lots of trouble. He’s the president but he’s a racist. Look at Colin Kaepernick.”

“Trump has a way of promoting racism and lots of people can’t see it.”
The Guardian, 11/22/17

Can you imagine what Donald McRea would be writing about if racebaiting was off the table…?

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