Black Fathers Once Warned Us Not to Be Like Shani Davis Types

Some of us who actually were privileged to have black fathers in the home were at one point told to do the best we could in life as to open the doors for those who followed behind us.

This is clearly not the case today and the latest example comes from the 2018 Winter Olympics.

U.S. Olympic speed skater Shani Davis skipped the opening ceremony of the Pyeongchang Winter Games on Friday following controversy over him losing the role of flag bearer, according to a report. A Team USA spokesman told NBC that the two-time Olympic champion had initially planned not to march in order to rest ahead of competition, but Davis would have made an exception if he had been chosen to wave the stars and stripes.

A coin toss to decide the flag bearer went in favor of veteran luger Erin Hamlin after the final vote among the eight U.S. winter sports federations ended deadlocked at 4-4. That prompted Davis, an Olympian for the fifth time at these Games, to take a shot at the U.S. Olympic Committee.
New York Daily News, 2/9/18

How is Shani Davis’ example of narcissism (read some of his all-about-me Tweets), entitled, racebaiting, spoiled brat behavior going to make it easier for a future black Olympic hopeful to be looked at with anything but hesitation; not because he or she may or may not be a qualified athlete but an activist with an agenda that may be drama-in-waiting?

A father with the same name as his son may have taught him humility and gratitude for the opportunity to represent his country and certainly not do anything to draw negative attention to himself because he was also in the position of putting the best face on black people in front of an international audience. Shani Davis is an embarrassment to the United States, not just because of his actions and Tweet, but also because he’s also shown the world just how petty and racebaiting some black people can be.

Remember, Davis has created an international incident over a coin toss that will have absolutely nothing to do with the final medal count. Smart.

We don’t watch Olympic coverage today for the same reason most people don’t watch prerecorded games: why watch when you already know the outcome? Too many today didn’t stay up into the wee hours of the morning back in the day to watch live Olympic game coverage of ABC’s Wide World of Sports, but that was more than worth it because it was live and not obnoxiously punctuated with fluff pieces on the athletes overcoming assorted adversities that got them there.

With the unfortunate interjection of social justice activism, the US. Olympic Committee is now facing the same potential turnoff that such activism had on the National Football League. Davis got the appropriate blowback he didn’t expect, is apparently in hiding and has responded like the amateur he is.

He also skipped a chance to speak with reporters on Saturday for a second straight day, failing to provide an explanation for why he missed the Opening Ceremony or what role he believes race may have played in his not being selected flag-bearer.
Yahoo, 2/10/18

While he protected his account and “only confirmed followers have access to @ShaniDavis’s Tweets”, he blocked us. What a pussy.

Then again, more people may tune to NBC’s Olympic primetime replays if speed skater Davis takes a bad turn and falls on his ass where he belongs.

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