Steyer Hires Cheap Millennials for ‘Need to Impeach’ Coup D’état

We were all told it was a bad thing if we didn’t respect the results of the election she knew she’d win.

Not like Republicans would’ve taken to the streets to riot, let alone organize an official #resistance, or have anyone “warn” she was mentally unstable and the 25th Amendment was an appropriate option for removal.

Since, we’ve all been assured the Russians interfered in the election, thus denying Hillary her the “popular vote” victory, even though she knew the Electoral College was the officially-recognized finish line. To date, there is no evidence the Russians worked with the Trump campaign against Hillary while there IS mounting evidence that the Hillary for President campaign and supporters within the federal government colluded against candidate/president-elect/POTUS Trump WITH purchased Russian materials.

And seeing how Tide pod-eating millennials are stupid enough to accept the reasoning of those who financially lost potential millions because Hillary is no longer in the position of supporting all of the friendly liberal nonprofits and causes with our tax dollars, one billionaire is using useful idiots to help Democrats retake the House of Representatives with the sole mission of presenting Articles of Impeachment against President Donald Trump.

And because they’re young, easily impressionable, and obviously cheaper, Steyer’s enlisted from the millennial brain pool.

Steyer has decided to go the gutless route and instead of sticking his own neck out and running for office now, he’ll get others to do his dirty work and if successful, use that as a basis for volunteering, thus performing that ultimate public service to be considered for the ultimate job.

Tom Steyer, the California billionaire hedge fund manager and Democratic donor who has been running a campaign to impeach President Donald Trump, said that he would not run for office in 2018. Rather, he said that he will devote his energies to organizing voters for the midterms, as well as “redoubling” his campaign to remove Trump from office.
Variety, 1/8/18

In the military there are clear rules against and penalties for plotting to remove and senior officer, let alone a commanding officer, and what we have here is not a mutiny per se but a coup in progress.

coup d’état
the violent overthrow or alteration of an existing government by a small group

We’ve already witnessed the violence that occurred within hours of Donald Trump’s inauguration and subsequent growth of groups like Indivisible that disrupts representative meeting with constituents, #Antifa that’s out to disrupt primarily with violence, culminating with the assassination attempt of Republicans on an Alexandria, Virginia baseball field. Steyer’s group may not be violent, but they will surely embolden the anti-Trump unhinged to take things to the next level prior to the 2018 midterms. If they fail to retake the House, things may really get ugly.

It’s sad we can’t forget these tactics after the next Democrat is elected president but it’s clear if we don’t give the Tom Steyers a taste of their own medicine, this kind of conduct will become the norm whenever the left loses.

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