Barack Obama Presidential ‘Portrait’ is an Embarrassment, Like His Presidency

Black music was once a respected and celebrated genre unto itself. Singers, writers, and performers were revered and their contributions to the craft were held in high esteem until technology and laziness devolved a once great art form into the simplistic trash it is today.

“Art” has also been devolving over the decades and the latest presidential portrait is more proof, this time at the expense of Barack and Michelle Obama.

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And after all the anticipation, this is what they got.

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And seeing how gay activists just have to interject sexuality into everything they touch…

The Official Presidential Portrait of Barack Obama Has ‘Sperm on His Face’

Uh oh.

Barack Obama, during the unveiling of his presidential portrait, said he hoped his painting would be “bringing it down just a touch” from the traditional portraits of the past.

It sure did bring things down just a touch, like most things as a result of his presidency. Michelle Obama’s portrait was equally cringe-worthy.

To date, Michelle Obama has made no mention of the portrait on her Twitter feed.

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  1. Ilíon

    My first thought about his portrait was that someone had gone crazy with clip-art. And, sure enough, someone has show that sections of it are cloned.

    Here are my “memes” —

    Barack: “Lost in the woods (or weeds), as usual.”

    Michelle: “Does this quilt make my butt look big?”
    Michelle: “Does this quilt make my face look like someone else’s face?”


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