California #SJWs Ban National Anthem After Misinterpreting ‘Third Verse’

An agenda-driven social justice activist/educator outside San Francisco has found yet another young person that could be used to dismantle American values; a young person who conveniently has no frame of reference and was easily manipulated.

Students who attended the winter rally last month might have noticed that something was missing: the National Anthem. Although many students might not have even noticed that the “Star Spangled Banner” was not sung at the winter rally on Jan. 19, some students did. And they were curious as to why it was removed.

School leadership officers and the rally committee decided to skip the anthem due to the recent controversy involving unsung verses of the song that are deemed racist. The unsung verse in question contains the phrase, “No refuge could save the hireling and slave…”

Leadership adviser Erin McFerrin agrees that the song is problematic and that action should be taken moving forward to ensure that every student feels welcomed, especially after last year when racial graffiti was found on campus. “In the leadership class, [we strive on] being really inclusive and mindful of all the decisions we make,” said McFerrin. “We didn’t really know why we were doing [the anthem during] the rally, so we just thought it was something maybe we could take out.”

Assistant principal Kathleen Martins, who oversees leadership, was unaware this decision was made before the rally. The National Anthem will not be sung at rallies for the remainder of the year. A decision about rallies in future years will come at a later date.

ASB President Ariyana Kermanizadeh declined to comment but provided an open letter published in The Californian that addresses the leadership decision.
The Californian, 2/9/18

The problem was in the misinterpretation of our National Anthem’s “third verse” because it wasn’t the proof of our white Founding Fathers being racists.

It was really about our nation’s original oppressors….

It refers to the BRITISH killing the “hireling and the slave.”
Larry Schweikart, retired professor of history, University of Dayton

But what would historical accuracy be to activist educators like McFerrin who found a useful idiot to do her dirty work, it didn’t cost a thing, and the narcissivsm of the dupe made things really easy.

Of course, it also didn’t take long for Aryana Kermanizadeh to become the latest potential “heroic” progressive activist darling while the school has to deal with the national backlash she created.

California High School has a history of racial intolerance and we’re not talking about the media-slandered “non-college educated” whom Hillary Clinton also referred to as the “deplorables”. We’re talking about a school full of children who come from the fairly, white affluent, whom from what we’ve all be told, should know better because they’re smarter.

How much of this is genuine racism or copycat hate hoaxes can never really be known but as a way of finding a way to quell the anxiety in a liberal bastion, a convenient diversion of value need be found.

For the fourth time in four weeks, students at San Ramon’s California High School have found racist graffiti scrawled on a bathroom wall. The school district has called for a parent meeting to discuss just the latest in a series of disturbing incidents on the campus. The graffiti found included expletives and slurs aimed at African American students and the Back Student Union.
ABC 7 News, 11/18/16

In this case, it is our National Anthem even if redressed under fraudulent pretenses.

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