Andrea Mitchell Busted as MSNBC Edits Out Her Lame Manipulation Attempt

In an attempt to jump in on the liberal outrage over the Andrew McCabe firing, MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell invited Wisconsin Democrat Congressman Mark Pocan on her show to commiserate over what they universally believe was a grave injustice to a career federal employee.

However, Mitchell engaged the blatant inciting of news instead of simply reporting it.

Over the weekend, she sent out a Tweet (as a “McCabe supporter”). We’re not sure if she subconsciously believes no one reads her Tweets, but she gave the impression that the idea of anyone giving McCabe a federal job so his pension benefits would remain intact was a good one.

The problem is, not everyone’s initial instinct is to lie and Congressman Pocan appropriately gave credit where credit was due….

In the proud tradition of media bias-by-omission, both MSNBC’s website and YouTube version of the embarrassing segment has been edited to make Mitchell’s complicity go away.

BTW — The liberal Democrat and/or media lament that McCabe “lost his pension” is yet another attempt to mislead the American people.

In all of the discussion of the firing of Andrew McCabe, various news outlets focused his “loss” of his pension as opposed to the fact that career officials called for his firing for serious misconduct. The firing denied McCabe early pension recovery at age 50 of roughly $60,000 a year. However, that only means that he will receive the pension like other federal officials when he reached the federal retirement age. He is entitled to recover at the standard period between 57 and age 62.
Jonathan Turley, George Washington University law professor, 3/19/18

Remember this as the widely-distributed and repeated lies continue forward.

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