Capitol Hill: Another Example of Leeches Stealing from Creators

This is purely unscientific but borne of examples witnessed based on personal observation and experience.

Out of 100 people, there are maybe 20 with any real “talent”: the ability to create something of value from nothing. The problem is within the remaining 80 who connive to get a good chunk of what the gifted 20 create.

How many times have we heard about aging musical legends who created songs that millions of people bought and are now broke; some living on the street or died penniless while those in music industry who profited off them live comfortably in the Hamptons or Beverly Hills? How many times have we heard about great artists who died in relative poverty but their post mortem paintings now sell at highly-publicized auctions for millions of dollars, just to hang in the private homes of the rich and famous?

How many times have we heard about family members; people whom we NEVER heard about before, fight amongst themselves over the estate of an artist who created something that millions of people enjoyed and were willing to pay to enjoy? How many times have we heard about a manager being sued by an artist because that manager secretly skimmed millions of dollars, unbeknownst to that artist for years.

Politically, there is no difference.

On Capitol Hill, very few of our elected created anything of value but they have no problem treating our taxpayer money like it’s their own to disperse at a whim. They make sure those around them are taken care of while our homeless, our veterans, and those really in need of a slight boost to get on their feet are ignored, left to the cruel mercies of fat-and-happy nonprofits (which are also mostly run by friends of the connected).

Look at Fox News and the conservative movement. How many on that channel (and those who’ll do anything to appear on it as a guest) have really created anything that didn’t leech off the unpaid activism of volunteers and small-money donors? What has a pundit ever created that warrant all the attention they get? Does speaking, blogging or Tweeting about an event count as a real creation or is this all about garnering attention that will get that person the ability to tap into a funding potential for personal gain?

Look at those in and around the White House and federal government. Aside from President Trump, who actually created a business, what have any of those staffers or government agency employees actually really created aside from tapping into the conduits that separate the American people from their hard-earned tax dollars for their own personal legacy benefit?

Not much else different on the left as they’ve perfected the nonprofit art to a science in being able to tug at heartstrings to create fundraising opportunities that keep the principals living lives of luxury while never achieving mission statements they know are intentionally impossible to achieve.

Don’t forget the higher profile officials that leave their posts and land comfortably into positions they are eminently unqualified for. It’s an obvious award for their loyal service to the Party….

Chris Dodd Named Head of MPAA
Dodd replaced by Charles Rivkin, a top official at State Dept. under Obama
Siemens Corporation named Camille Johnston VP of corporate affairs
Robert Gibbs named McDonald’s global chief communications officer
Amazon hired Mr. Carney as senior vice president for global corporate affairs
Netflix Names Former Obama Adviser and U.N. Amb. Susan Rice to Board
Six Ex-Obama Officials as College Presidents

… just to name a few.

Don’t look for government to change any time soon as there are way too many in it who are in that 80% of leech, no-talents who have access to the American people’s money and will take as much of it as they can.

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