Reality TV Fraud and Why Progressives Never Get Their Own Treatment

Let’s be real. The whole concept of “reality television” is a fraud because there’s no one alive whose behavior wouldn’t be altered if they knew their every move and word was being recorded. Thus every reality show you see is not reality but an informal exercise in performance. The more narcissistic, the more humiliatingly entertaining.

But have you noticed, whether we’re talking about your stereotypical hicks who live in trailer parks, hunt gators, loud-mouth inner city females one insult away from a brawl, or the spoiled wives of the rich who volunteered for a broadcast venue to prove to themselves that their multiple cosmetic surgeries were worth it, there’s one group you very seldom see in a bad reality light: the progressive.

As someone who experienced and has an idea of the progressive mindset on the Hollywood production end, and hearing the comments made about their inferior viewing public, I can’t imagine a scenario where these people would turn the cameras on themselves or anyone they work or associate with.

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to send a crew where few networks dared go: in and around an Occupy Wall Street tent after dark in Zuccotti Park. The subjects didn’t know they were being recorded (it was a public place) so the comments were a bit more from the heart….

Not saying we’d want to watch a reality television program with liberals because, again, it would be a lie just as it would be with anyone. It’s just sad to see so many programs with Americans portrayed in a negative light, produced by some of the snobbiest Hollywood has to offer.

But we’ll never know just how snobby because they’ll never turn the cameras on themselves.

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