Pro Athlete: Bomb ‘Threats’ at LAX Bad. Muslim: You Get Multiple Strikes

Some of you have heard the latest when it comes to doing stupid things like making audible jokes at Los Angeles International Airport. But a pattern is informally emerging.

If you’re a professional athlete, don’t do it….

Green Bay Packers wide receiver Trevor Davis was arrested at LAX on Sunday morning after cops say he joked about smuggling a bomb into the airport, TMZ Sports has learned. Law enforcement sources tell us the 24-year-old — a 5th round draft pick out of Cal in 2016 — was at the Hawaiian Airlines ticket counter with a female companion to check into a flight when the attendant asked the usual security questions about their luggage.

Instead of playing it straight — we’re told Davis turned to the other woman and said, “Did you remember to pack the explosives?” She apparently said, “No” and tried to get him to stop. He then said, “Just kidding” — but it was too late.
TMZ Sports, 4/9/18

And this is not the first time an athlete was arrested for an ill-timed comment at LAX.

San Francisco 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith was arrested Sunday at Los Angeles International Airport after authorities said he became belligerent during a security screening and threatened that he had a bomb.

The 24-year-old player was randomly selected for a secondary screening at Terminal 1 and became uncooperative during the process, airport police Sgt. Karla Ortiz said. She said he told a TSA agent that he had a bomb before walking to the gate. When airport police officers caught up with him, Ortiz said Smith became uncooperative and was taken into custody.
Hollywood Reporter, 4/14/14

To date, the amount of black Americans attempting or carrying out an explosive attack on an airline is relatively small, if at all. However the same can’t be said about muslims, yet they can apparently make verbal threats at Los Angeles International Airport and only be called on it once those threats become very public.

Muslim Woman Makes Terror Threats at LA Airport
One day after the Islamic terrorist attack in Orlando, a Muslim woman showed up at the Los Angeles International Airport, making terror threats. The news media was silent. Journalist and cameraman Tony Vera captured police questioning a Muslim woman at the airport and searching her luggage, but finding nothing wrong, they released her and let her continue on inside the airport.

Vera stopped her as she walked past him, and that’s when she let lose again, with verbal terrorist threats against America. “Fuck America,” the woman said. “I will make sure we bomb America. You wait and see!” She ranted on for several minutes, and eventually police arrested her again at the ticket counter, this time for real.

According to Dennis Michael Lynch, the woman made comments provocative enough for the LAX police and LAPD call the FBI, all of whom appear to have decided those comments did not warrant an arrest until she took it inside. Certainly the comments of Trevor Davis and Alton Smith were no way in the same league as “Fuck America. I will make sure we bomb America. You wait and see.” One was a bad joke and the other was the retort of a spoiled athlete who though he was better than the travelling public.

So, we’re at a place where a muslim woman can say things that can earn her the attention of local and federal law enforcement, be allowed to walk away and only be arrested when she dares do it again? Trevor Davis and Alton Smith seemed to have received a whole lot less slack than the muslim woman which comes back to what we’ve been saying for years: muslims demand equal treatment.

I have am going to have a safe life but I’m going to make sure none of you will have a safe sleep. Boom! Wait and see for yourself. Do you know who Allah is? Fuck America. I will make sure we bomb America. First of all there is lesbian and gay this is not allowed. Wait and see! We will bomb the country. You have no idea what’s happening. That’s what we do, we bomb people. Who cares what’s right or what’s not, it is (god’s will).”
UK Sun, 10/21/16

They really demand special treatment and they appear to be getting it.

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