Blowing Off Community, Elem. School Renamed for Commie LGBT Activist

As repeated several times, liberal groups seeking legitimacy link their causes to “civil rights” or the black experience in America at the hands of racist Democrats. But if one were to be intellectually and historically accurate, it’s obvious there is ZERO equivalence between slavery-through-segregation and any aggrieved group today.

But don’t let that stop them.

Montgomery County’s newest public school will be called Bayard Rustin Elementary, honoring a civil rights champion and becoming the district’s first school named for an openly gay individual. The Board of Education chose the name for the Rockville school on Thursday by a 6-2 vote that followed passionate testimony from parents, students and advocates who urged officials not to underestimate the power of a name.

Local parents and advocates, led in part by parent Mark Eckstein Bernardo, have spent weeks pressing officials to commemorate Rustin. But still the school board’s decision went against the wishes of a naming committee. The committee, a group of parents representing the school community, had conducted a survey and reached out to students and families to determine their preference. After two meetings, the 13-person committee voted to recommend Lillian Brown Elementary, in recognition of a prominent local educator. Rustin’s name was fourth on the committee’s ranked list of options.
Bethesda Magazine, 4/12/18

Let’s compare the community vs. “advocate” choices.

Lillian B. Brown was born in Rockville, Maryland in 1912. The granddaughter of slaves, Brown attended school three miles away from her house on Avery Road, near Lake Needwood. She walked to school everyday. Because of racial segregation, she was not able to attend junior or senior high school in Montgomery County. Brown started her teaching career in 1938, after she finished her education at Maryland State Normal College. That year, she became both principal and sole teacher at the Germantown Colored Elementary School.

In recognition of her impact in the life of the Germantown community, its residents recommended the name of Lillian B. Brown for a new local elementary school in 2001. The old Germantown Colored School, although no longer in existence, was located near the site of the new school, and the Naming Committee considered the nomination as an honor to the former principal and teacher. The Montgomery County Board of Education instead selected a different name for the school, over the protests of the Naming Committee and area residents.
Montgomery County Commission for Women

So, it would appear this is the second time Lillian Beatrice Brown has been passed over by a community-led naming committee; this time, in favor of Bayard Rustin…

In his youth, he was a member of the Young Communist League — the youth branch of the Communist Party USA — owing to the fact that the Communists were just about the only political party in the 1930s to be fully opposed to segregation.
Washington Post, 8/28/13

Not true, but Democrats are in full denial of their racist past as they’re currently whitewashing their monuments to this day.

By the end of his life, Rustin was the chairman of  Social Democrats USA.

On the evening of January 21, 1953, Bayard Rustin, a forty-year-old organizer for the Fellowship of Reconciliation, a leading organization of religious pacifists, gave a talk, in Pasadena, California, about anti-colonial struggles in West Africa. Among the admirers who approached him after the speech were two young men. Late that night, he and the young men were arrested after being discovered in flagrante in a parked car. He pleaded guilty to a charge of “lewd vagrancy” and was carted off to serve sixty days behind bars.
The New Yorker, 9/17/07

Making this more outrageous is the fact we’re all being told this is to enhance the self esteem of students. Five through 12-year old Elementary schoolers? The invaluable, initial scholastic experience for the youngest of students will be explaining sexuality because liberal elected officials found it easier to blow off the expressed suggestions of the “community” in order to quell the demands of the militant gaystapo.

This is not the first time the left has blown off the solicited suggestions of the community in favor of the LGBTQs and it won’t be the last.

Their education, activism breeding grounds assure this.

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