Conservatives and Media Host Suckas: Easy Pickings for Race Hustlers

For years the Republican Party has been in constant defense mode from accusations of racism from liberal Democrats. For years, conservatives have jumped at any opportunity to embrace almost any black person who claims to be a Republican just to show the world just how tolerant and inclusive they are.

The problem is the conservative world where the ultimate goal for many is that coveted, paid “Fox News contributor” Holy Grail and gaining rock star status is becoming increasingly easier because those who are in our media leadership are too lazy to properly vet those they prop up and force us all to blindly digest.

Despite all that has been endured by the likes of Shelby Steele, Alan Keyes, Larry Elder, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Frances Rice, Jesse Lee Peterson, Star Parker, Wayne Perryman, Herman Cain, Ward Connerly, Ken Hamblin, Roy and Niger Innis, Mason Weaver, Alveda King, Allen West, Ken Blackwell, Anita Moncrief, Bishop Harry Jackson, David Webb and many others race pariahs who lost much prior to Candace Owens’ grand entrance into the world in 1990, SHE arrogantly declares the start of the “black, ideological civil war”.

This weekend reminded me that I am not the only one on the front lines….
Candace Owens, Facebook post, 11/19/17

She needed reminding? Wow.

Maybe she needs to be a little more patient and wait until those in her way to “die off”.

Yes, we can officially confirm that our beloved Republican Tea Party is being led by the Mad Hatter and us millennials have been thrust into their wonderland.  The good news is, they will eventually die off (peacefully in their sleep, we hope), and then we can get right on with the OBVIOUS social change that needs to happen, IMMEDIATELY.

So what can expect to happen when that last tea-party coffin is sealed?

Frankly, me and my millennial peers did not exactly understand why it was such a big deal that Bill Clinton got a blow job in his office. I don’t care who my doctor, banker, grocery-bagger, or any other person that I may come across in my daily life is having sex with– AS LONG AS THEY DO THEIR FUCKING JOBS. All of that talk about “but his morals” gets you nothing but a mandatory STFU from me.
Candace Owens, 10/4/15

Because she’s black and claims to be a conservative, Owens has been embraced by many groups; too many of whom sadly have their televisions parked exclusively on Fox News and are at the mercy of the “professionals” who have all the resources at their disposal but fail to employ brain power and look at possible motivations of self-servers seeking the almighty conservative dollar; in this case, quickly before they die off.

It worked for Stacey Dash thus the template was there for the uninspired to emulate.

Way too many conservatives were blindly sucked in by Joy Villa just because she wore a gaudy dress at the Grammy Awards with the word “Trump” emblazoned on the side. Despite our warning of her deception, she was allowed to ooze into the movement and even the Trump inner circle while, as a Bernie supporting liberal, she clearly had a revulsion of those who kneejerk embraced her to again prove they weren’t racist.

It wasn’t hard for us to question her initial, obvious publicity-seeking motivation but that was seemingly too hard for the conservative media and Villa took their consumers to the bank; that is until she went off the rails against Corey Lewandowski.

Haven’t heard from her much since, but the damage was done and she was enabled by those too lazy or clueless to do a little digging.

The advantage these race hustlers have is that too many conservatives rely solely on Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, and a select few blog sites and if they don’t do their homework (or even know to start looking), they give credibility to those who see us as an easy mark. If you think about it, conservatives are a hustler’s dream.

Sadly, too many now know the short-cut path to instant stardom in the conservative movement; a short cut made easy by those who are too lazy to do a little background checking and even more unfortunate, those who are paid to do a little background checking.

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