NJ Beach Woman Beat Down: Why Mouth Off To a Rogue Cop?

I’m sure many of you have heard about and/or seen video of the incident on the New Jersey beach.

A video posted to social media Saturday — and since viewed more than 3.6 million times — shows three Wildwood police officers on the beach, attempting to detain a woman later identified in a police statement as Emily Weinman, 20, of Philadelphia.

As the video begins, Weinman is on the ground, with one officer on top of her. She kicks at another, knocking aside a beach chair. The first officer then proceeds to hit her in the head twice with his fist, before grabbing her by the shoulders and pinning her to the ground. As the second officer holds her legs steady, a third approaches to control the gathering crowd. The first two officers then attempt to handcuff Weinman. A child can be heard crying in the background. Someone is heard repeatedly saying, “Stop resisting.”

“You’re not allowed to hit me and choke me like that,” Weinman shouts. “I didn’t do anything wrong.”
CNN, 5/28/18

Michael Savage went off on the cops, adding had this woman been black, #BlackLivesMatter would have been all over this with street protests but because Weinman is white, this is receiving scant proportional coverage and public reaction. Savage also added on his Thursday program that any conservative who kneejerk supported the police in this incident was… just add your own pejorative.

I have a different take on this.

Tale of the Tape

As a video producer, I’m always suspicious of any recording presented in the broadcast or social media issued to invoke an emotional response to meet an agenda because I know what can be done with recordings. For example, when the Ray Rice incident happened with all the rage that ensued, we were presented with a video showing the former NFL running back smacking his wife inside an elevator resulting in unconsciousness.

What was edited out was his wife, prior to his offense, hitting and spitting in his face. What we got out of this was a declaration of the “rules”.

Until we see the whole recording of the New Jersey beach incident, I have a right to my suspicions.

The “Rules”

According to some of the women on The View, a woman can get in a man’s face, stay there, and get as physical as she wants without any fear of physical repercussions. Men approach these things on a more measured way as deviation can rightly result in an unwelcomed ass whuppin’.

But because most women approach life with an “I can do whatever I wan’t to a man because I’m a woman”, things can get out of hand very quickly when they have the cover of absolution should the provocation be on them.

Getting back to the Jersey beach incident, the woman did not physically attack to officers in question but she did mouth off which appears to be an accepted sign of the times.

How I Approach Law Enforcement Officials

As in anything in life, there is good and bad and police are no different. There is something that does make the law enforcement profession special in that their jobs include dealing with people with a variety of issues that may put their lives in potential jeopardy; a job many of us gladly relinquish to others.

That said, as I am approaching my sixth decade on this planet and most of those years living within these “racist” United States, I have survived all of my encounters with law enforcement in issues ranging from traffic infractions to a false rape accusation. In ALL of those incidents, I have personally responded to all police officers with the utmost of courtesy and respect. In some cases, I cracked a couple of dry wit musings in an effort to reassure an officer I am no threat to his or her personal safety.

I am still alive, have taught the same to my two black sons in and around 30 years of age and they too are alive to this day.

There does seem to be a trend nowadays that show people believing that it’s their First Amendment right to mouth off to a police officer instead of just comply and if you feel you’ve been aggrieved, issue a report LATER when you’re not in a one-on-one encounter with someone who has license to use deadly force if they feel threatened. Common sense, right?

Had Ms. Weinman just observed the instructions of these ego-trippin’ cops and taken her complaint to their superiors or a lawyer later, the ensuing physical confrontation may have never happened but because she chose to verbally question and berate the officers, she was also responsible for the event’s out-of-control spiral. Of course, she comes off as the victim because today it IS okay to go off on a police officer who is in the right or wrong, especially if you’re a woman.

She will take it to the bank, police will be forced to be more restrained and more will feel empowered to get in an officer’s face any time they want.

Where does that leave us as a society now?

Nowhere good.

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