Beware: The Spawn of Millennials

We have kids choosing to leave classrooms en masse, led by crude public loudmouths like David Hogg. These are not the exceptions and their parents are imposing their irrational children on the rest of the nation.

What’s worse, these people are breeding.

Here is the video of the child that was damaging everyone’s cars and Sean tried to stop him, he tried to call his mother to come get him, but of course people post only the part of the video of the child being pushed.
Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children, 6/4/18

There was a whole lot more to it and anyone who only posted the portion of the little darling getting a much-deserved throw down is an agenda-driven enabler.

Had this been any one of us and our parents saw this, most of us would experience real child abuse and rightfully so.

After the appropriate ass-whuppin’, we would have been marched over to every one of the abused adults, made to profusely apologize, and then suffer whatever indentured servitude that adult deemed enough for closure.

The only punishment this punk will probably suffer is the wrath of a “parent” who may be more angered by her social media humiliation, and for those like her, the future United States as we know it may be screwed.

h/t Don E McGlynn

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