Indifferent Customer Service at DC VA Hospital: Got Hung Up On… TWICE!

Despite what you hear from the affected officials, there is scant noticeable improvement when it comes to Veterans Administration civilian employees. It still appears they really could care less about those who are just a job to them to serve and clearly a job they don’t appreciate having.

A few months ago, I went to the Washington DC VA Medical Center for a check-up regarding my prescriptions. I was required to give a small amount of blood so tests on my health could be done. I was subjected to someone who told me he was in training and when he tried on multiple attempts to draw blood from a vein and failed to extract a drop while twice hitting bone with the needle, I told him I was done and left the building.

Last week, I returned to the DC VA and was told I couldn’t refill my prescription without a doctor’s appointment, was given a 10-day supply and upon calling the VA later, was given an appointment for mid-August. Given the time discrepancy, I managed to leave a message for my doctor, she called back, I informed of my desire not to have blood drawn at the VA and to go instead to Fort Belvoir’s hospital in Virginia and she told me she’d send them the referral. I called them later and they said they had no such referral.

My doctor called this morning, verified she sent the referral to Fort Belvoir and all I had to do is call and make an appointment. I called, they had no record of a referral, was told to call two different agencies, gave them my personal information just to be told they had no jurisdiction in the matter and to call the DC VA and talk to my doctor….

While are a select few who may care about veterans, there are still way too many at the Veterans Administration who only care because we justify their paychecks. The little they have to do with us, the better they appear to like it. When they will be purged and replaced with veterans and their spouses who care can’t happen fast enough.

What happened to me cannot be assumed to be an anomaly just stumbled onto. The DC VA’s automated phone system appears to have been created in a way to screen and dispose of callers that would bother their taxpayer-funded employees.

Meanwhile, I’ll have to call them back.

6/12/18 UPDATE

I called Fort Belvoir and was told they’ve yet to receive the referral from my doctor for blood work in order to obtain my prescription. I then attempted to call to DC Veterans Administration Medical Center and at least leave a message for my doctor.

That’s when the fun began… again.

The woman at the VA I talked to tried to schedule my appointment on a day that’s already past, tried to blame it on me despite the fact I only mentioned the preferred day, NOT date. I subsequently called Fort Belvoir and they still don’t have my appointment in their system.

Wanna bet I go there on Friday morning and they still don’t have me or my appointment in “the system”?

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  1. kmstorm

    DoD and VHA Computer systems are not known for talking to each other. If you are registered in MyHealthyVet you could of checked and verified that the orders, prescriptions had been done. As you didn’t state which bone was hit, and where was being drawn from, and having been both an ED Tech at a very busy hospital in Orlando and a Paramedic. I finding this to be a little bit of far fetch. typically lab techs do not use a needle long enough to bounce off of bone if they are trying to draw blood in the elbow region. My VA uses butterfly needles to draw specimens. You may not like the place, but I smell troll.

    • ©Bob Parks

      Tell ya what: next time you’re in DC, let’s go to the DC VA and YOU sit down with a “trainee” who’ll try and draw your blood. Did this guy know how long the needle should have been and could you smell that all the way from Orlando? I know what I felt after years and many draws of blood and I don’t have fat arms.


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