The New Gay Crow: Discrimination Justified, Enforcement Demanded

Many of us predicted that once the liberal aggrieved could equate their situations with pre-segregation blacks, despite their numbers, they could put their movements in the respected column of “civil rights”. The main difference is that most black people didn’t seek to discriminate against anyone not black.

Gays and Muslims have co-opted the cover of “civil rights” to initially demand equal treatment and later demanding special treatment.

While denying White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders admittance to a restaurant in Lexington, Virginia was quite understandable to the left, denying a transgender access to a bathroom not of her true gender was a monumental outrage.

So, it would appear that in The New Gay Crow era, it’s unlawful to discriminate in any way against a transgender, no matter how uncomfortable a situation may be for an affected woman, but it’s perfectly acceptable and supported by our media for gays to discriminate against anyone who doesn’t agree with their positions or politics in any manner they so choose.

Leave it to Democrats to revive yet another proud moment in their history.

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