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Scott Pruitt becomes latest Trump official to be harassed at a restaurant
Speechless EPA boss Scott Pruitt is accosted in a DC restaurant by a mom cradling her young son, who accuses him of ruining the environment – just weeks after Sarah Sanders was booted out of an eatery for working for Trump
She recited the MoveOn talking points well
Obama administration granted citizenship to 2,500 Iranians during nuclear deal: Iran official
The Iranians got their money’s worth

Miami wants the 2020 Democratic convention. The county’s top Democrat doesn’t
Who needs the trash and violence that almost always follows a liberal event?
Calls To Abolish ICE Are Splintering The Democratic Party
A bad week for Democrats gives rise to a big problem: Outrage could become an obstacle in midterms
Man allegedly threatens to chop up Rand Paul and his family with an ax
Schumer takes heat after canceled town hall
In hiding from their own crazies
DOJ employee who chased Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen from restaurant could face discipline
“Could”. Don’t hold your breath
Maxine Waters is done with ‘nice guy politics’
When was she ever nice?
‘The person that is chosen will be outstanding’: Trump meets with FOUR candidates for the Supreme Court and says he will see ‘two or three more’ before making an appointment on MONDAY
Rubbing it in
Pompeo to head to North Korea as doubts mount about its intentions
Trust, but verify
China firm develops ‘laser gun’
What tech firm in the United States did they lift this technology from?
Elizabeth Warren Just Got a New Puppy. What Should She Name Him?
Aww…. Trying to show that softer side
Flashback: Maxine Waters Invites Any And All Smoke After Trump’s Tweets: “If you shoot me, you better shoot straight.”
Maxine Waters ‘not afraid’ — then hides in SUV when confronted by reporter!
Didn’t she say she wasn’t afraid of nobody?
As Trade Fight Looms, China Turns Censors on Its Own Policies
‘I’d like to kill ’em’: GOP takes on Trump tariffs
What Republican trade negotiation benefited the American people prior to President Trump?
Chicago-based medical association cancels San Francisco convention
Why go from one liberal shithole to a more expensive one?
Downing Street ‘bans Donald Trump from meeting Nigel Farage’ during visit to Britain next week
Well, that’s kinda’ fascist
After Election Of Socialist Obrador, Will Mexico Morph Into Venezuela-Style Failed State?
If you had to put it that way…
In Newly Obtained Memo, Congress’ Top Cop Said House Democratic Caucus Server Vanished
“Vanished”…? But weren’t we told it was “hacked”?
Trump Approval Jumps As Attacks From Critics Backfire; Trump Now More Popular Than FBI
And that’s just pissing off the left even more
Legal experts say Mueller team likely gained access to NRA tax filings
And that had what to do with “Russian collusion”?
‘Gay conversion therapy’ to be banned as part of LGBT equality plan in UK
Heaven forbid anyone changes their mind
Michigan judge rules kids don’t have a fundamental right to literacy
New Michigan law removes basic skills test for teachers
Not like we should get rid of stupid teachers
California Constituent: Sen. Kamala Harris Not a Natural Born Citizen
Uh oh. Here we go again
Devin Nunes warns Obama officials: Willingly testify on Russia investigation or face subpoenas
Just issue the subpoenas. Like the Obama administration would give the courtesy of warnings
Jennifer Rubin: Sarah Sanders Needs A ‘Life Sentence’ Of Being Made ‘Uncomfortable’
Washington Post, MSNBC, an irrelevant so-called conservative. This is what you get
Study: People do not wash hands correctly 97 percent of time
19 hospitalized after eating feces-contaminated food at party
Obviously, people need to be taught how to wash their hands
Alan Dershowitz slams Martha’s Vineyard liberals for ‘shunning’ him over Trump defense
Like hanging around snooty liberals is any sane person’s definition of a good time
Michigan Locals Annoyed by Michael Moore Rewarding Jane Fonda
The elites just love self-backpatting

WalMart: Impeach 45 Mens T-Shirt
What don’t we need to buy at WalMart…?

A city in Oman just posted the world’s hottest low temperature ever recorded: 109 degrees
Al Gore warns of ‘ominous’ record-breaking heat
Al’s really sticking his neck out on this one
Rachel Dolezal, also known as Nkechi Diallo, booked and released on welfare fraud, other charges
Not like she hasn’t committed fraud all along
Angela Ponce makes HISTORY as FIRST EVER transgender woman crowned Miss Universe Spain
The bitching will start very soon
Seattle bans plastic straws, utensils, becoming first major US city to do so
Seattle passes citywide law based largely on the research of a 9-year-old
A whole city will suffer because they empowered “the youth”

MoveOn: “End Family Detention” sticker
How many parents remember a child getting their head caught in a railing and now see this?
(Try and keep a straight face….)

Justin Trudeau ‘does not remember’ groping reporter at festival
The Clinton defense. Doesn’t mean it didn’t happen
Romney: ‘Too early’ to say whether I’ll support Trump in 2020
He’s hoping (once he’s a senator) there may be a easier path to running himself. How many times will it be now…?
Hogwash – Brian Ross Didn’t Resign Over the Fake News Flynn Story, He Resigned Because He Was “Reporter 4” Within James Wolfe Indictment – Senate Intelligence Leak Investigation
He should of been fired a few errors ago

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