Unsolicited Facebook Message From an Idiot on the Fourth of July

One of the perils of social media is being approached by people you never met.

Some of them are NOT very smart and what’s worse, they think they are….

Rush Smith: let me guess..u voted for Obama and u now are a republican..?

You can only imagine how taken aback I was receiving a Facebook message like this from someone who clearly doesn’t know me.

Bob: Obviously you know absolutely nothing about me to make such an absurd introduction.

Rush Smith: how about if u tell me
How about if you answer my question and stop beating around the bush?

He thought he had me.

Bob: No, I didn’t vote for Obama and I’ve been a Republican for most of your life.

Rush Smith: Okay..I wanna make sure the recycled democrats stay in the DNC..and before u say the world ” gorilla” u should have known the spanish lingo or slang to know what i really meant there..

Here’s where the narcissism started becoming apparent and narcissism is always annoying.

Bob: Excuse me, YOU “wanna make sure the recycled democrats stay in the DNC”. Exactly who are you, considering you go after people not knowing who you’re talking to?

Rush Smith: I have been a life long republican..and want to make sure the recycled dems and rinos stay where they are. Nothing really personal ..I have also pics with rush limbaugh,, allen west and bob snerdley

I guess I was supposed to be impressed.

Bob: Hot shit. Your pics must be awesome considering some of us have dealt with these people beyond selfies and YOU made it personal.

Rush Smith: Again,,I dont want recycled dems in my party

Bob: Again, who the fuck are YOU?

Rush Smith: who the fuck are YOU?
Rush Smith..

Yes, on what was supposed to be a quiet, uneventful Fourth of July, my blood pressure was rising.

Bob: Someone who doesn’t introduce himself in a message with a clearly racist sentiment.

Rush Smith: are you in Massachusetts?
no, I am not racist.

Now, where would I get that impression?

Bob: Why would you send “let me guess..u voted for Obama and u now are a republican..?” to a black man… but you’re not a racist.

Rush Smith: lol..are u one of the 8 % who voted for Mitt ?
or the 6% who voted for Mccain?
Most black republicans voted for brother Barack


Bob: Again, you clearly can’t read or you wouldn’t STILL be asking stupid questions and writing even more stupid shit.

Rush Smith: i think u are the racist bob..

One of the ongoing problems with social media is having just anyone claiming to be speaking for all of us; in this case someone who wanted to assure himself of the purity of the Party while in no way being ready for primetime himself.

Rush Smith: i know u voted for obama
bull shitter

Happy Fourth of July!

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  1. IT Nerd

    Holy shit. I can’t believe what I just read.

    Perhaps fucknuts should look up some of your work on YouTube or simply read your previous posts that date back to Men’s News Daily. A quick internet search shows you were VP of the Massachusetts Republican Assembly.


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