UN warns it is ‘running out of cash’ in urgent appeal to members
They can leave anytime
Kimberly Guilfoyle Left Fox News After Investigation Into Misconduct Allegations, Sources Say
The toxic egos of those at Fox News and others who’ll do ANYTHING to get a piece of that self-serving spotlight
Please Cool the Hitler Rhetoric Before Someone Else Gets Hurt
Let’s first and intellectually and honestly dispense with the “both sides do it” moral-equivalency bullshit
Blue states drowning in irretrievable debt thanks to ‘grotesque’ public sector pensions. You’re about to get stuck with bill.
No sympathy here. You get what you vote for
Media Blackout on Conservative Voices now in Effect for Midterms
Liberals can’t debate so they silence. This is not news
Democratic moderates fear the “socialist left” will wreck the party: They want to keep that gig
The “moderates” created their little monsters
Trump threatens U.S. government shutdown over immigration
Flashback: Shutdown Poll: Do We Really Need ‘Non Essential Government Employees’?
Mr. President, just do it.
Eric Holder says he’s interested in being president. And he thinks he has what it takes
He’s another light-skinned (non-threatening) which the left generally prefers
Biden’s niece shows remorse after avoiding jail in credit card scam
One hundred thousand dollars off a stolen credit card. No, very few of us could walk away after this
Trump trolls Michael Cohen on Twitter, reminding him he once defended Don Jr. and slams the ‘fake news media’ for its coverage of the saga
Why did Cohen tape Trump? He was going to write a book down the road and needed quotes documented
Idaho inmates hacked prison-issued tablets for $225,000 in credits
When you have nothing but time on your hands and taxpayer-funded WiFi
Civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis hospitalized
Is this legit or is something coming…?
Sharpton: We’re “in the Hospital” on the Left, if not the “Cemetery”
“Blue wave” or just some spit in the wind
Trump claims his approval numbers top Reagan and ‘Honest Abe’ Lincoln – even though presidential polling wasn’t invented until FDR’s time
Don’t you wish Obama was fact-checked with the same zeal, even when speaking figuratively? Would have saved us all a lot of money
City report on Confederate monuments raises idea of renaming Austin
Just wait until we decide to start renaming… and why
Global auto powers plotting response to Trump auto tariff threats
Finding a comfortable place to lay down
Inside my nightmare working in de Blasio’s government
Why are we always supposed to feel sympathy for the willing dupes?
FBI’s history with Southern Poverty Law Center uncovered
Speaking of “willing duped”, it’s not conservatives who gave the SPLC credibility
Media Gaslighting Can’t Hide Fact Trump Campaign Was Spied On
By Obama for Hillary

Here’s What Happened When A Trump Supporter Became A ‘Commie Camp’ Counselor
I saw a lot of this in Massachusetts. Cowardly liberals love to get their hands on innocent children
Celebs Turn Murder Into Call For Social Justice
Parkland Kids Partner With Multiple Organizations For The ‘National March On The NRA’ Event
Exploitation for self-gratification is what they all do best
Jordan: If Rosenstein doesn’t deliver, Meadows and I will force impeachment vote
Why do these threats always seem to lack meat on the bones?
More legal problems for Stormy Daniels
Stormy Daniels Will Make More Than $650,000 For One-Week Appearance On ‘Celebrity Big Brother’
That’s why it’s still one of the oldest professions
Facebook Troubles Grow – Facing Lawsuit Liabilities of … Billions?
Wall Street finally taught Zuckerberg the lesson he deserved
Facebook is just a website. Why it was ever so overvalued and Zuckerberg achieved deity status remains a mystery

Nancy Pelosi ROASTED For Appearing as Guest Host on Jeopardy!
“Crumbs” Pelosi Desperately Tries to Distract From Epic 4.1% GDP Growth – Posts Completely Debunked Chart on US Wages
Too bad she wasn’t a contestant. That would have been entertaining
Erdogan responds to Trump: We will stand our ground
U.S. Christian pastor leaves Turkish prison after court ruling
In paragraph seven, it says this was a response to a threat of “a harsh new policy on Turkey” by President Trump to be delivered by Vice President Pence
Melania Trump age: How old is Melania Trump – fans shocked at age compared to Donald
Oh, puh-leez. Shall we start looking at Hollywood and the news media…?
Egypt sentences 75 members of the Muslim Brotherhood to death
Payback’s a bitch
Asylum Rules Would Allow Migrating Foreign Population to Fill Half of Midwest
We all know whose neighborhoods they won’t be allowed to “migrate” to
George Soros Spent $10.37 Million Lobbying During Second Quarter
President Trump is winning, thus who is losing…?
Trump Anxiety Disorder: Therapists claim patients are experiencing President-related anxiety due to Potus’ policies and Twitter feuds
We had to deal with eight years of gloating, having Obama policies shoved down our throats. Fuck ’em
Biden, Sanders top poll of possible Democratic presidential hopefuls
Socialist Bernie and gaffin’ Joe. Will be a lot of fun

Gay mafia succeeds in driving children’s playhouse out of Pittsburgh, it is moving to Idaho.
Tolerance by the tolerant
Statehood Would Be an Economic Boon for Puerto Rico
Flashback: Puerto Rico’s ‘shortsighted’ fiscal plan totally ‘misses the mark’
Flashback: Puerto Rico mayor, two others arrested on corruption charges
And the American taxpayer would be on the hook for this liberal economic basket case (again)
New billboard in GJ shows ‘GOP’ letters mixed with Soviet Union symbols
The stoopids are loose again in Grand Junction
L.A. school board’s Ref Rodriguez pleads guilty to conspiracy and resigns
No jail time. We ARE talking the Los Angeles Unified School District
Massachusetts Governor Celebrates Sanctuary State Defeat; Immigration Advocate Warns ‘Election Is Coming’
I met Baker at a Lincoln Breakfast during the mid 2000’s. I thought him a flake then and he’s even worse now
Over 1,200 migrants rescued off Spanish coast in 2 days
Who told them they were wanted or does that even matter?
Trump supporters, opponents clash at Spicer book signing
A black man from Cambridge, Massachusetts claims Sean once called him a “nigger”. I hesitate nowadays to say I grew up in Cambridge

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