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A reoccuring narrative is an arrogant media who have near-total disregard for the health and welfare of the general public, especially those between them and a juicy story, no matter the ramifications to those they affect.

When the verdict of the Paul Manafort trial was looming, several news outlets including CNN, Washington Post, BuzzFeed, POLITICO, New York Times, NBC Universal, and the Associated Press sued to get the names and contact information of the jury members for traditional exploitation, totally disregarding the potential for harassment in the lives of those not willing to communicate with them.

Yeah, that’s how journalists operate. They claim they’re “reporting news,” but they’re really passing on orders to kill. It’s easy to understand why conservatives think this way. They themselves admit that right-wing media outlets don’t do a lot of reporting, and most are simply content to chest-pound on behalf of Donald Trump. So would they even recognize what journalism is?
The Village Voice, 8/20/18

For those who don’t have the proper frame of reference memory offers, here’s a reminder of when the names and contact information of journalists who disseminated the names and addresses of private citizens whined when the same was done to them.

Over the last couple of years, we’ve tried to warn campaigns when the uninspired, self-servers infiltrate and gain influential positions within political campaigns. Very little good happens, many previously-victorious candidates have been defeated and some of the missteps were a clear result of a lack of homework being done.

For example, Showtime’s Sacha Baron Cohen has been allowed to gain access to prominent Republicans to which we ask again, who’s running these campaigns, are miserably derelict in the simple art of vetting and making us all look like fucking idiots?

Despite the whining from people like John Brennan, former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, and others that there’s no monetary rewards for having secret security clearances, almost everyone in the DC area knows having one unlocks the door to high-paying jobs. It IS one of those dirty secrets the privileged want withheld from the American people because of the near-obscene compensation involved.

A security clearance reportedly yields a salary of up to 15 percent higher compared to the salaries of individuals without clearances for the same position.

Like John Brennan at MSNBC, James Clapper cashed in on his security clearance and now provides insights as a high-paid analyst for another major media outlet. Clapper had previously raked in over $200,000 in just six months advising defense contractors such as Booz Allen Hamilton. We know James Comey’s net worth in 2003 was $206,000, which skyrocketed when he raked in well over $10 million in the private sector before he returned to lead the FBI in 2013. Comey bagged $6.1 million in a single year at Lockheed Martin.
New York Post, 8/22/18

Should you publicly call them out on their clearance-aided means to financial gain, it drives some batshit crazy.

Shortly after that very public interaction on CNN, a message was clearly sent.

A conservative commentator who was lauded by President Trump this week as “wonderful” and who has argued that past sexual indiscretions should have no bearing on Trump’s presidency was fired from Arizona State University four years ago for making sexually explicit comments and gestures toward women, according to documents and a university official.
Washington Post, 8/22/18

Someone did some digging in an attempt to discredit someone who’s public acknowledgments were a threat to those who use their clearances for personal gain and we now know what happens to those who threaten their bank accounts.

Moving right along, the quality of journalism has deteriorated significantly in the last decade and it’s reflected almost daily.

Almost to the point of parody… but it’s not.

Despite narratives we’re being almost-constantly issued by Democrats and their media, you know things are starting to fall apart and maybe even circling back when Clinton fixer Lanny Davis reappears to do what he did best: spin.

Falling apart when even a live television audience doesn’t buy it.

Hollywood has always been known for those who pontificate to Americans about what they deem inappropriate behavior while knowing full well they do it as well.

Female sexual predators have been known to exist for decades, including teachers who prey on their much younger students, not to mention those who use their power of influence… just like men.

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