Why We Lose: The NRSC’s Pitiful Message to Republican Voters

One would think an entity as supposedly as important as the NRSC (National Republican Senatorial Committee), especially this coming midterm cycle, would have their shit together and show donors and voters that every attempt and dollar is well spent keeping the United States Senate in Republican control.

They even say that’s their mission.

The NRSC (National Republican Senatorial Committee) is the only national organization solely devoted to strengthening the Republican Senate Majority and electing Republicans to the United States Senate.

We provide invaluable support and assistance to current and prospective Republican U.S. Senate candidates in the areas of budget planning, election law compliance, fundraising, communications tools and messaging, and research and strategy.
NRSC website

One would also think the minimum of updating on their website was a given, but NO!

They don’t appear to be able to even do that.


Seriously, how hard would it be to put Virginia’s Republican Senate candidate Corey Stewart picture in the box next to Democrat Tim Kaine? While this would NEVER be done to the establishment-favorite Mitt Romney, his face appears first of the two candidates while Democrats appear first on Virginia and California’s? Is this inconsistency, incompetence, both or are they sending a message that coincides with a liberal media narrative that Stewart is a racist.

While his campaign is being run by those of questionable experience and results, we personally know Corey Stewart is no racist but the message sent by the NRSC website reeks of distancing and if it’s all about keeping donor dollars coming in, those numbers also look pitiful as well.

Of course, NRSC chairman Cory Gardner‘s pic is right where it’s supposed to be so someone did some time into the website.

The whole notion of what race is deemed “winnable” should not be determined by a national or state party. Anyone who sticks their neck out deserves to be supported; California whack jobs or David Duke types are obviously exceptions. But if the National Republican Senatorial Committee decides to spit in the faces of campaign staff and volunteers working on the ground to help people like Cory Gardner remain relevant in the United States Senate, they his group should get off their asses and do the minimum to help our candidates.

A simple .jpeg would be a good start.

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