Voter Registration Fraud: Los Angeles Homeless Exploited by Democrats

Why is this clearly partisan? Because it has all the elements: exploiting homeless Americans and an advancement of agenda items that Democrat operatives promote under the guise of the common good.

Vote fraud should be a felony, then again, we ARE talking Democrats and California….

What was highlighted in news reports over a four-month span are not surprising revelations and without appropriate deterrents, continue to this day.

They come in and they target the homeless population because they can get so many,” LAPD Capt. Marc Reina said in a phone interview, explaining that there are hundreds and hundreds of people living on the streets. Earlier this year, three men were arrested for paying the homeless on Skid Row to forge names on campaign petitions, NBC Los Angeles reported in March. Those arrests came after an undercover operation.

In that earlier instance, police said they seized thousands in cash as well as lists of Los Angeles County voters, NBC reports. Authorities said the men had paperwork for four measures: one increasing oversight of the Sheriff’s Department and cutting jail time in Los Angeles, a second improving the safety of Long Beach hotel workers, a third to cut the number of felons that qualify as nonviolent throughout California and a fourth to raise taxes on millionaires and businesses owners statewide, according to the TV station.
Sacramento Bee, 9/25/18

Of course, when Democrats are involved thus it doesn’t become a national outrage, penalties are reduced so all can be blown off.

“More than 46,000 Long Beach residents signed the petition to put an initiative on the ballot in November to protect women from sexual assault,” said Juana Melara, the campaign’s manager and a local hotel worker, according to the Long Beach Post. “While we have no information about these particular individuals, we of course do not endorse the type of misconduct alleged.”


Ultimately, the men arrested in March on suspicion of election fraud only faced misdemeanor charges, NBC reports.

California Secretary of State Alex Padilla told KABC that the state takes voter fraud seriously, but added that the crime “is exceedingly rare,” citing years of studies and reviews.

Democrats have a history of exploiting minorities and illegal aliens with promises of social benefits in exchange for votes. Their policies create homeless Americans, exploiting them further leaves fewer fingerprints and is a whole lot cheaper.

Now, if they would only find out who’s doing the voting from all those fraudulent registrations….

Preserving the Democrat Plantation by any means necessary.

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