If We MUST #BelieveWomen Unconditionally, NO MAN is Safe

Only if they’re doing the resisting, liberals love dissent. Unless we’re talking about their free speech, liberals love repressing words and ideas they don’t like or agree with. When merged with this #BelieveWomen, #BelieveSurvivors, #BelieveALLSurvivors “movement” then we MUST accept the word of any woman who makes an allegation against a man and we’re NEVER to question her word, memory or version of the facts.


According to a 2017 report by the US National Institutes of Health, fake accusers “were primarily motivated by emotional gain. Most false allegations were used to cover up other behaviour such as adultery or skipping school”.
BBC, 9/18/18

This can be very dangerous because, believe it or not, some women lie, the results are disastrous for the falsely accused and just because each case isn’t picked up by the national media doesn’t mean the lies women tell are as rare as activists demand we blindly accept.

You know, take their word for it.

Liberal women will be the first to remind us all that if a woman’s word is not automatically accepted as gospel, then she’ll not report incidents to law enforcement and her assaulter will be free to rape again.

What they’re also not considering (out of inconvenience) is that this “movement” will also empower real rapists to go on rampages knowing the victim’s word can be called into question because many too women have lied and too many others have publicly declared that falsely accusing a man is the acceptable collateral damage for a greater good.

Shit happens and more often than not.

UK investigation reveals 200 women prosecuted for fake rape claims in past decade
Britain’s approach stands in stark contrast to that of the US, Australia, Canada, and other European countries. Women in these countries do not typically face prosecution – let alone prison – for lying about rape, state prosecutors and experts said, because it’s not considered to be in the public interest.

… women get that convenient, sexist sympathy pass.

Again, this blitzkrieg Brett Kavanaugh is absorbing is not about him personally but the all-out fear the left has in his potential to be a deciding Supreme Court justice that could possibly rule abortion unconstitutional and the most promiscuous and/or evil in our society may lose their freedom to kill the inconvenient unborn.

Too many on the left appear to have no compassion, almost denial, that those little white lies can do real damage.

Let’s start with the idea that false rape accusations ruin lives, and are therefore a universal risk to men. Generally, feminists dismiss this idea by arguing that false accusations are rare—only between 2% and 10% of all reports are estimated to be false. What’s equally important to know, however, is that false rape accusations almost never have serious consequences.
Quartz, 5/11/17

Yeah, suck it up, men.

As far as this so-called “historic” midterm with a large number of female candidates, we’ll see how the voting male population reacts to those who demand men be held responsible for things they didn’t do or never did.

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