#Kavanaugh Smear: Why We’ll NEVER ‘Come Together’ with Democrats

Going back to the 1994 midterms when Republicans retook the House and Senate together for the first time in 40 years, whenever Democrats lose an election, the FIRST thing out of their mouths is how we now need to be “bipartisan” and “work together”. That despite their ramming their policies down the throats of Americans while they were in sole control.

The real PSA benefit of the whole Brett Kavanaugh fiasco is that Democrats have once again shown the lengths they’re willing to go to force us to do what they want when they’re not in power, and should the 2018 midterms not go as planned, they will once again politely remind us of the glory of bipartisanship and how much better a country we are when we put aside our differences and come together.

The word “bullshit” comes to mind whenever we’ve heard this and Rush Limbaugh rightfully articulated it Thursday.

The reason the left is going so nuts over the Supreme Court is that activist judges are the ONLY way they nullified the will of the people, whether it was by ballot initiatives or statewide votes, and implemented their liberal agenda items.

1994: Prop. 187 Approved in California
1999: CA’s Anti-Immigrant Proposition 187 is Voided
2008: California Votes for Prop 8
2012: Prop. 8: Gay-marriage ban unconstitutional, court rules

Millions of taxpaying Americans vote one way and a small body of liberal judges, who know better, overturn those votes. The Supreme Court was their backstop, overturning state’s and individual rights when it came to abortion or Obamacare. Maintaining an iron fist of control is what the left is so fearful of losing and they’ll destroy anyone who gets in their way.

Democrats ram their policies down the throats of Americans when they’re in control and only when the public pushes back and removes them power do they discover the virtues of being “nonpartisan” and instructs Republicans to unilaterally accept their “reach out”.

Again, that’s why God gave us middle fingers.

What do we really have in common with these people that would make “coming together” even remotely possible? Unlike the left, conservatives and/or Republicans don’t take to the streets, disrupt traffic and commit acts of public or private property damage. Unlike the left, conservatives and/or Republicans don’t stalk their political opponents where they work or dine or live for the purposes or shaming and intimidation. Unlike the left, conservatives and/or Republicans’ first impulse after losing an election is how to #disrupt and nullify the votes of millions via government agencies with activities that cross the line of legality.

To answer the previous question, we have virtually nothing in common with the Democrat left thus we must, from here on, dismiss their demands of bipartisanship, especially when they lose. They’ve poisoned every institution they control: academia, entertainment, the media, etc. and have normalized and weaponized their perversions imposed on the mainstream.

“Come together”?

Hell, no.

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