Ronna’s Magic Number: 39 House Races Have No Republican Candidate

When the results come in, Republicans will either keep their majority in the House and Senate or could find themselves at the mercy of a petulant, angry Democrat Party. One would hope the Republican Party would do everything possible to keep their majority status, including making every race competitive; not just raising enough money to keep the party staff well fed and financially comfortable.

This Is the Woman Who Could Help Republicans Win in November

Ronna Romney McDaniel loves the phrase “You don’t get what you don’t ask for.”

McDaniel, 45, is supremely confident about asking for what she wants: Since January 2017, when she became the chair of the Republican National Committee, she has helped the party haul in well over $210 million, more than any previous RNC chair during a midterm election cycle. The Michigan-based mom of two has traveled more than 150,000 miles, visiting over half the states. But there’s no time to rest: Republicans are fighting to keep their hold on Congress in a November vote that is widely seen as a referendum on President Donald Trump.
Glamour Magazine, 9/13/18

If you can raise large amounts of money, cool. You need to be able to show results and if the game is politics during a political season, you need to assure donors and voters that you’re competitive. Appearances on cable news is one thing and it’s sad how that alone can be enough to give one credibility.

It also means you need to have players on the field, something Ronna Romney McDaniel’s Republican Party has monumentally failed at doing, especially in a campaign season predicted to be razor-thin close.

In 2018, a total of 3 U.S. House races do not have a Democratic candidate and 39 U.S. House races do not have a Republican candidate.

The standard excuse issued is that some races are “unwinnable”; an excuse clearly debunked by that well-known term “upset victory”. However, upset victories are only possible if an effort is made and maintained.

Just ask the president.

When the final numbers are tallied on election night, we’re hoping the Republican Party keeps both the House and Senate so President Trump’s agenda can continue to move full steam ahead.

However should the Republicans lose the House and the margin is within 39 seats, we hope Ronna Romney McDaniel has more than excuses why the party couldn’t find and support a candidate to at least try and make those races competitive. We hope she has an even better reason on why she should keep HER job, which could be argued was more about the protecting the self-serving while making a half-assed attempt at recruiting those who wish to serve the American people.

In very few instances is a no-show acceptable, especially when it’s your well-paid job to not only raise money to keep your employees compensated and your expensive overhead covered, but to also support candidates who’re sticking their necks out.

That is, unless, you dropped the ball and there are no candidates to support.

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