John Oliver’s Funny, Albeit Partisan, Free Promotion of Democrat AGs

While a good portion of the American people were watching the last game of the 2018 World Series, the Democratic Attorneys General Association of  Washington, DC were planning some damage of their own and don’t think this wasn’t purely coincidental and not very well coordinated.

Actually, John Oliver’s segment was quite funny as well as sadly illuminating when it comes to the sheer embarrassing nature of too many Republicans running for state attorney general positions.

Then again, it probably would’ve been extremely challenging for John Oliver’s HBO staff to find humor with some of the Democrat attorney generals.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman follows the trail of infamy taken by once-esteemed state politicians Eliot Spitzer and Anthony Weiner as his resignation takes effect Tuesday amid accusations of sexual misconduct.

The claims against Schneiderman, a champion of the Me Too movement and outspoken warrior against sexual harassment and abuse, include violent abuse.
USA Today, 5/8/18

Even TBS’ Samantha Bee was caught flat footed after glowingly endorsing Schneiderman and then having to quietly purge that video segment from her YouTube show archive and having our capture of that segment taken down.

So undeterred, we put it on Facebook!

While we’re on the topic of sexual abuse….

Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill said he will not resign from his position, despite Democratic calls for him to do so in the wake of allegations that he inappropriately touched four women at a bar in March.

While Hill has denied the allegations, the leader of his own state party is emphasizing that the GOP has zero tolerance for sexual harassment and that actions like those alleged “have no place in public life or anywhere else.”
Indianapolis Star, 7/3/18

And this is only problematic as Democrats look at sexual assault and women’s allegations differently when one of their own is accused.

When Keith Ellison started his bid to become Minnesota’s next attorney general, he had formidable advantages. But in recent weeks, Mr. Ellison’s edge appears to be evaporating, amid claims by his ex-girlfriend, Karen Monahan, that he mistreated her during their long-term relationship. Ms. Monahan has accused him of causing emotional pain through infidelity and dishonesty when they were a couple and said he had once tried to drag her off a bed after an argument while screaming obscenities at her.

A loss by Mr. Ellison, the first Muslim elected to Congress, would be a stunning blow to a leader of the ascendant progressive wing of the Democratic Party.
Washington Examiner, 10/22/18

While many Democrats and their media constantly question the honesty of the President of the United States, there are honesty-challenged on the left as well.

To be fair, let’s not leave of the “Compassion Party”.

A pair of Rhode Island political hopefuls, who aspired to be The Ocean State’s governor and attorney general, was arrested Thursday after police allegedly uncovered 48 pounds of illegal marijuana in the duo’s West Greenwich home.

State police said they arrested Anne Armstrong, 58, and Alan Gordon, 48 — the Compassion Party’s candidates for governor and attorney general, respectively — after a search at the pair’s home uncovered nearly 50 pounds of marijuana.
Fox News, 10/8/18

Had this been a Republican pair, you know Oliver would’ve had a field day with them.

The only upside for these Democrats is that there doesn’t to be many available videos out there of them trying to sing… yet. Had there been, John Oliver and the Democratic Attorneys General Association would be justifiably all over them.

Sexual assault and drug possession is not worthy of mention for someone as fair and impartial as Oliver wants his duped audience to believe.

We’re assuming he was not paid for this and is a reflection of his liberal leanings. Many would be extremely troubled knowing John Oliver has a price.

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