Robert Mueller’s #HeToo: When Bad Things Happen to Special Counsels

By Bob Parks

As said here many times before, when bad things happen to Americans it’s sad but seldom a big deal, unless that tragedy can be used to aid in a political agenda item.

But when bad things happen to the media or politicians and/or the political elite…

If Bad Things Happened To Politicians
When Bad Things Happen To The Media
When Bad Things Happen To Politicians
#KavanaughConfirmation, #HeToo: When Bad Things Happen To Judges

… it’s blown up into a national emergency that needs to be dutifully addressed for the purpose of increased public awareness and eventual remedy.

An some cases, it’s time to call the cops.

Special counsel Robert Mueller has referred to the FBI allegations that women were “offered money” to make “false claims” about him, a spokesman said Tuesday. Spokesman Peter Carr released this statement to CNBC:

When we learned last week of allegations that women were offered money to make false claims about the Special Counsel, we immediately referred the matter to the FBI for investigation.

Mueller is investigating Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, as well as possible coordination between the Kremlin and Trump’s campaign. Jack Burkman, a conservative commentator who claims to be a registered lobbyist, said in a tweet Tuesday that “we will reveal the first of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s sex assault victims” on Thursday.
CNBC, 10/30/18

Now, if we are to #BelieveAllSurvivors as activists, Democrats and their media have instructed the American people, using the power of federal law enforcement to investigate these women is abusing the abusers because we all have also been repeatedly told that women NEVER lie about these things.

Instead of deferring to the local authorities to get testimony from the women in their localities, Robert Mueller took the extraordinary muscle-flex step of siccing the FBI on these “victims” in what can only be seen as self-preservation via witness harassment.

On the other hand, this also falls into the “How does it feel?” column.

Liberals cheered when women accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, repeatedly reminded us that he’s not fit to serve on the nation’s highest court because all allegations of sexual misconduct MUST be taken seriously. Despite it being reported that then-candidate Donald Trump was accused by women who were paid to publicly accuse him of sexual abuse, those claims were dismissed because it was more important to deliver political damage than reveal the nefarious nature of the accusers and those that paid them.

We don’t know if the allegations against Special Counsel Robert Mueller are true. It’s not inappropriate to remind people that those in positions of power do abuse that authority and Mueller has committed his share of questionable deeds. The problem was there was no one in the immediate vicinity who had the power to investigate him. Then again, he did have the benefit of social media keeping the issue alive when a compliant media moved on.


We don’t know how this will eventually play out, but again, all men are susceptible to accusations of sexual assault in the now “guilty until proven innocent” world.

BTW — Some of us don’t have the means to initiate a federal investigation to seek redress for a false accusation while collecting a fulltime paycheck. Please donate to my GoFundMe so I can clear my name and attempt to put an end to draconian laws that protect false accusers while permanently damaging the reputations of the innocent.

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