Don Lemon: ‘Biggest Terror Threat Is White Men’ ‘Radicalized to the Right’
CNN’s Don Lemon doubles down on controversial remarks that the ‘biggest terror threat in this country is white men, not foreigners’ by insisting ‘cold hard facts’ back him up
CNN not commenting on Lemon’s remark about white men
CNN’s Stepin Fetchit jumping the Great White Shark
The Obamas might make a TV show about disorder in the Trump administration for Netflix
If someone offered us millions of dollars to work for them, we would do more than just say there’s something we “might” do
Vote against all Republicans. Every single one.
Meet the Would-Be House Committee Leaders Who Could Torment Trump
Objective journalism
Andrew Gillum Exposed by Staffers in Undercover Video: ‘This Is a Fucked Up State’
Voters credit Trump over Obama for booming economy: poll
Uh oh
MSNBC Guest: ‘I’m not willing to let white voters off the hook’ for Voting for Trump
And what exactly is SHE going to do to them?
Chuck Todd pitches a hissy fit because he can’t control Trump’s message. ‘Journos’ really losing it.
Why Donald Trump won and continues to win, despite their “control”
Why Did Media And Democrats Abandon Their Investigation Into Brett Kavanaugh?
Yeah, what happened to all that outrage?
President Trump’s words do not incite hate
What do Jews know?
Now a FOURTH caravan has left El Salvador to join other groups of migrants trekking through Mexico on their way to the USTrump hardens stance on Mexico border, says 15,000 troops could be sent
Why Democrats are staying silent about the migrant caravan
Migrant caravan coordinator says demand for Mexico to provide buses has ‘failed’
Six San Diego-area military bases will be used to assist at border for Operation Faithful Patriot
CNN: Trump shocks with racist new ad days before midterms
CNN is calling this the “most racist ad in 30 years”… omitting that Al Gore was the first to mention Willie Horton in 1988 
United Nations Warns Trump: Migrant Caravan Must Be Allowed Into US
Good luck with ordering President Trump
Cate Blanchett Takes First American TV Role in FX’s Phyllis Schlafly Drama ‘Mrs. America’
Phyllis would be pissed
House Republicans, White House commit to 10 percent middle-class tax cut next year
It always seems to be “next” instead of when they could’ve actually done it
FIREWORKS! President Trump RIPS Into Speaker Paul Ryan Over Birthright Citizenship Comments

Reid fires back at Trump over birthright citizenship stance
Reid Flashback 1994: PERSPECTIVES ON IMMIGRATION: Cut Legal Admissions by Two-Thirds, Immigration: A senator offers a ‘stabilization’ bill.
One only need hear the words of Democrats when they’re NOT in power
Pittsburgh Hospital Nurses, Doctors Cheer Trump, Melania
Not shown on CNN, MSNBC, ABC News, CBS News….

Missouri Dem lashes out at McCaskill for ‘crazy Democrats’ comment, in profanity-laced tirade
Flashback: Missouri state senator who hoped for Trump assassination censured by her colleagues
Biden, campaigning for McCaskill, calls for civility, criticizes Trump
Are Hard Left Celebrity PSAs Losing Steam?
How far back are we talking?
Has A Political Dirty Trick Just Cost Jon Tester The Montana Senate Race?
Democrat-supporting women strip off for photo shoot called ‘Grab Them By The Ballot’ in an attempt to persuade people to vote against Republicans
Record turnout? Not for millennials — just a third say they’ll vote
Not sure this will have the desired result
Kern County early voting returns suggest Republicans are voting in higher quantities than Democrats
Proof Democrats Are Trying to Steal the Election
Next time, screenshots…?
Oprah Winfrey to campaign in Georgia for Stacey Abrams
Will Ferrell went door-to-door stumping for Georgia Democrat Stacy Abrams
Desperate acts by those who told us that #BlueWave was a slam dunk

Quote of the Day

Our state director is Indian-American, but he does an amazing job. Our director of all constituent services, she’s African-American, but she does an even more incredible job than you could ever imagine.
Sen. Joe Donnelly (D-IN), 10/30/18

He “misspoke”….

Facebook’s user base is declining in Europe, and that ought to terrify its American bosses
Liberals screw up everything they control
Judge Kavanaugh Declines $600k Raised by GoFundMe; Meanwhile, Christine Blasey Ford is now a Celebrity Millionaire via Crowdfunding Campaigns
Ford said she had “nothing to gain”. #BelieveWomen
Kamala Harris & Elizabeth Warren Have Ethics Complaint Filed Against Them In Senate
Depending on that #BlueWave to save their corrupt asses
Billionaire Koch Brothers: ‘Against Our Principles’ to End Anchor Baby Policy
Are we finally done with the Koch’s yet?

Fetal homicide ruling mandates ‘Roe exception’ challenge, Alabama justice says

Liberals can’t hide their hypocrisy when it comes to the subject. For example, they consider an unborn child a nonsensical piece of protoplasm until a certain “stage”. However, if a pregnant woman were to be shot and killed at an ATM machine, liberals would accuse the killer of double murder.
Bob Parks, 1/27/04

More inconvenient truth will come out should this get to the Supremes

Tweet of the Day

This one depended on the sheer stupidity and lack of common sense reasoning of those who saw it

St. Thomas Students, Staff to Participate in Event to Prevent Hate Speech, Racism
Google Engineers Are Organizing A Walkout To Protest The Company’s Protection Of An Alleged Sexual Harasser
The most concentrated areas of racism, hate speech, anti semitism, and sexual abuse are liberal “campuses”
Google Is Trying To Censor Marsha Blackburn Campaign Ads, Says Videos Of Protestors Interrupting Her Moment Of Silence Are ‘Shocking Content’
Meanwhile, the ‘Fuck Donald Trump’ video on Google’s YouTube enjoys 20,322,230 views
UMinn scholarship and award opened to men after Title IX complaint
Education Department’s draft rules to allow cross-examination of accusers in sexual assault cases: report
Earplugs, please
Cultural appropriation turns Halloween into a nightmare
They impose their rules and later bitch about the problems they caused
Horrific video of St Louis daycare FIGHT CLUB shows toddlers punching each other’s heads into the floor and crying on the sidelines while their teachers jumped up and down in excitement
Blue district entertainment
Ben & Jerry’s embraces Linda Sarsour in launch of new “Resist” ice cream
“Resist” violates the laws of marketing to normal human beings
Georgia sheriff’s office places ‘No Trick-or-Treat’ signs at sex offenders’ homes
“Hey, little girl. Want some candy?” got them in enough trouble
Human waste shuts down BART escalators
Not good to be slippin’ on escalators
Poland sidelining diplomats who studied in Moscow
Chinese military secretly placing scientists in U.S. universities
Where commies will easily blend in
Don’t be fooled! Impeachment ‘will happen’ if Dems take control of the House in November
When Democrats deny it, you know that’s exactly where they’re going
NC Prof Tells Students To Block Parents From Watching Fox News
Like those tolerant, open-minded students are even paying for the cable (and WiFi)

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