The lectures from the left against anti-Semitism continue with the capture of a man who left hate graffiti and vandalism in a synagogue in New York City. One aspect of the story you may or may not see, depending where you consume your news, is that the suspect graduated from liberal Brandeis University, worked for both the 2008 Obama campaign and the former Democrat speaker of New York City’s city council.

Note how when liberals commit despicable acts, they’re excused as “mentally disturbed”.

No shit.

Since Polite doesn’t fit the profile that the media wanted, it’s trying to excuse his actions on the grounds of mental illness. It doesn’t want to talk about his politics.

James Polite was busted Friday, a day after he allegedly wrote “Kill All Jews,” in the stairwell of historic Union Temple in Prospect Heights.

Police said Saturday that Polite, 26, had also recently set a string of fires — including in the closet of Yeshiva Beth Hillel of Williamsburg, and smaller blazes in the trash outside three other nearby Jewish institutions. The profile described Polite as gay, bi-polar and the foster child of Jenny Levison, a member of Jews for Racial and Economic Justice, and Josh Waletzky, a Yiddish singer-songwriter. Their Prospect Park South house is across the park from the synagogue.

Jews for Racial and Economic Justice is a radical leftist group whose members tend to loathe Israel and Jews. She allegedly contributed to its attempt to distort the existence of lefty anti-Semitism with its “anti-Semitism guide”.

Jenny also appears to be a member of the Arts Council of Jewish Voice for Peace, which, despite its name, is a violently anti-Israel hate group that has promoted anti-Semitism.
Frontpage Magazine, 11/4/18

Liberal Democrats are the first to decry anything racism while the continue to whitewash their murderous legacy of slavery and discrimination. Liberal Democrats are also the first to denounce anti-Semitism while they create Jew-haters on the very college campuses they’ve had a stranglehold on for decades. And when inconvenient acts happen in their house, it’s again time for that “teachable moment” where they can redirect culpability and indict those they deem are the true haters.

Twenty-one leading scholars explore the roots and manifestations of antisemitism and anti- Zionism and the efforts to combat them at American, British, and South African colleges and universities in the 20th and 21st centuries. Topics such as antisemitism and anti-Zionism on individual campuses, in black militant groups, on the Far Left, and in academic organizations; students’ exposure to antisemitism and anti-Zionism through popular culture and the internet; discrimination against Jewish faculty, students and organizations; the anti- Israel boycott/divestment movement, among others, are covered.
Anti-Semitism on the Campus: Past and Present (Antisemitism in America)

Whether we’re talking sexual harassment and assault, racism, employment exploitation, and many other issues of social importance, liberals tend to be guilty of the very activities they denounce and revel in when others commit the same offenses.

A group of teens launched a metal pole through a glass window of a Brooklyn synagogue as members of the congregation observed the Sabbath on Saturday evening, authorities said.
New York Post, 11/4/18

Black “teens”.

The media’s ongoing practice of bias-by-omission contributes to the rise of anti-Semitism on college campuses where young people who once had no political opinions leaving high school, are indoctrinated as activists who’ll not only protest anything Israel on campus but foolishly put their lives on the line against the Jewish state.

Rachel Aliene Corrie (April 10, 1979 – March 16, 2003) from Olympia, Washington, was an American peace activist and diarist. She was a member of the pro-Palestinian group called the International Solidarity Movement. She was killed by an Israel Defense Forces (IDF) armored bulldozer in a combat zone in Rafah, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, under contested circumstances during the height of the second Palestinian intifada.

Prior to attending The Evergreen State College where her activism was clearly cultivated, did Rachel even know or care where the Gaza Strip was? Probably not. Did any of the professors who presented the conflict to Corrie in a way that pushed her to get physically involved in a foreign conflict accompany her? Probably not.
Bob Parks, 9/27/14

Rachel Corrie could have been your daughter.

Most Jewish students — 80 percent or more at all the campuses — said their school did not have a hostile environment toward Jews, but a higher proportion said campuses had a hostile environment toward Israel. At Michigan, 51% of Jewish students thought the campus had a hostile environment toward the Jewish state. That number was 32%, 34% and 22%, respectively, at Harvard, Penn and Brandeis.
Times of Israel, 12/19/17

The Times of Israel assumes most college students can intellectually differentiate Jewish students from Israel. The consistent rise of inconvenient anti-Semitism on “progressive” college campuses match the increase of almost every social ill that has also found residence in institutes of higher learning.

We make a big deal of liberal indoctrination in all levels of education. Children are held hostage on average of 180 days a year and are taught things that may or may not be consistent with the values of their parents; many times without consent or knowledge. We’re probably in agreement that teaching hatred of Jewish people is not something we’d condone at home, let alone wanted subsidized in public schools or pay-through-the-nose colleges, but that’s what’s happening. Ask any Jewish student who concerns them most: phantom Trump-supporting white supremacists or some of their fellow students?

And when we see stories of anti-Semitic acts being committed, ask yourself the same question and take note of what the media reports and what they’ve chosen to conveniently leave out.

That may tell you all you need to know.

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