I was once reminded of an Air Force saying that “If you’re receiving flak, you’re over the target”.

Not sure how I appeared on this person’s radar but I was worthy of inclusion on his or her Encyclopedia of American Loons, “Our new and exciting series presenting a representative sample of American loons from A-Z” and according to alphabetical order, I’m number 2087.

So, I’m a wingnut with influence. Nice to know and I was recently added (Thursday, October 18, 2018)!

Diagnosis: Yes, yet another wingnut conspiracy theorist playing the “I am persecuted by powerful elites” card. Parks actually wields some influence, though.

I also didn’t know “voter fraud” was my “specialty” but note how this person “G.D.” goes after people while insulating his or herself from scrutiny….

Criticizing others while hiding behind an empty “” sounds like the typical coward, but that’s the world of social media in which we live.

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You may be the first so what does THAT tell ya?

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