Back in the day, it was kind of an unwritten rule that what some black people say behind closed doors should not be repeated to whites.

This is not to disparage black people as ALL groups speak differently in the comfort of their own than they do in public and not everything said is politically correct. Blacks say racist shit amongst their own, whites say racist shit amongst their own, men say sexist shit amongst their own, women say sexist shit amongst their own… you get the drift and if you’re intellectually honest, you know it’s true.

Rep. Maxine Waters publicly called for the physical intimidation of Trump Administration officials. During subsequent national television interviews, Waters denied calling for violence, even though calling for intimidation can lead to unintended actions by people out of your control. Such calls for intimidation, we can all agree, is irresponsible coming from a public official.

In front of protesters she says one thing, to black people another, and to a nationally-televised audience Waters sings yet another tune.

There is a clear pattern over the years that is documented and irrefutable, as much as the Democrat left and their media would deny it. When liberals protest, there is traffic disruption and driver intimidation, property damage both public and private, injuries, mass arrests, and massive subsequent costs related to clean-up. When conservatives protest, there is usually minimum police presence required and the affect area is (more often than not) left cleaner than when they first arrived.

Later in the Roland Martin interview, Representative Waters also called for “millennials” to take the torch and protest which is something instigating college professors have done for decades. They’ll amp up young, impressionable students to take to the streets while sitting back in the safety and comfort of a faculty lounge. Maxine Waters is no different in her politically-motivated callous indifference to protester welfare and those being protested.

What she says to a black audience versus a white venue is important as it shows what she thinks about both.


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