When you base your arguments on a widely-distributed, yet stupid concept, you’re only left to react stupidly. It’s even more insidious when we’re kinda’ being told it’s something stupid they may or may not do even though anyone with eyes knows they’re already doing it.

Just recently, it was acknowledged that despite demonizing those who were calling out geoengineering as conspiracy theorists, so-called scientists KNOW the Sun is cooling but they want to stop warming?

There’s some very strange global warming going on these days. We’ve been told for decades that global warming would be making summers hotter and longer by now, that the Arctic would be ice-free and the polar bears would all starve, that global warming would make us fatter and that hundreds of thousands of species would be extinct by now. Al Gore even told us that Mount Kilimanjaro would be snow-free by 2016 and that it would be ‘the point of no return‘.

None of Al’s prophecies came true. Indeed, none of the claims that the establishment media have been bombarding us with for twenty years with regard to anthropogenic (man-made) climate change have come true. Not one.

What is occurring, though, is the number of extreme cold weather events is rising sharply around the world.
XYZ, 1/18/17

Despite almost every hysterical climate prediction being eventually proven wrong meaning inconvenient, previously hyped numbers and conclusions having to be revised…

A new study published in a peer-reviewed journal finds that climate models exaggerate the global warming from CO2 emissions by as much as 45%. If these findings hold true, it’s huge news. No wonder the mainstream press is ignoring it.
Investors Business Daily, 4/25/18

… “deniers” are targeted and gullible youth are engaged in even more feel-good activities that will help “save the planet”, even though a second grader with some semblance of untainted common sense would ask why we’d need to stop the world from heating up when the same scientists are telling us the Sun is cooling as it cyclically has for centuries.

Note how scientists call their climate-meddling “schemes” and all of this is built off the oft-repeated scientific “consensus” that never was.

Propelling aerosols into the upper atmosphere or pumping carbon dioxide into the deep ocean are just two schemes that have been proposed to repair the Earth’s climate through geo-engineering. Geo-engineering proposals for mitigating climate change continue to proliferate without being tested. It is time to select and assess the most promising ideas according to efficacy, cost, all aspects of risk and, importantly, their rate of mitigation.
Philip W. Boyd, University of Tasmania

Or does it all depend on what your definition of the word “test” is?

There must be more to it as federal officials (and those dependent on massive taxpayer grants) act as though climate engineering is something we must try even though all one need do is look up and see that “stratospheric aerosol injection” is not only happening today, but has been happening for years without the consent of the American people: you know, those susceptible to the toxic chemicals that eventually fall to Earth.

But also listen to people like Harvard’s David Keith, who sounds eerily like Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber, who believed deception in getting what he wanted was worth blaming on the “stupidity of the American people”. Being intentionally uninformed for a greater good is what these academic arrogants deem “stupidity”.

Imagine how many of these “but what if we don’t” academics and federal government employees could be locked up for intentionally causing physical harm to an untold amount of Americans, let alone those affected outside our borders, if it were to be determined that they took it upon themselves to spray the sky with deadly aerosols, blowing off the potential for illness and unknown “side effects” (floods, fires, mudslides, drought, etc.) to weather patterns worldwide.

Again, when debating anyone over anything “global warming”, the ONE obvious contributing factor they never bring up is the cooling Sun.

A downturn in the solar cycle is referred to as a Grand Solar Minimum. The obsessions of the current establishment, such as ‘sustainability’ and ‘green energy’, will become old gods which no-one pays attention to. The academics associated with the current order will be discredited.
XYZ, 9/24/17

Imagine how many federal contractors who create and supply the aerosols would be in the crosshairs of makework class action attorneys whose first question would be “Did you deem it unnecessary to inform the American people that you were going to do this before you did it?”

Common courtesy notwithstanding, the next time many of you equipped with a frame of reference (of more than just a couple of recent awareness years) remember the weather at this time of year not being like it is today, ask yourself what you would say to someone who believed they could play God and unknown side effects were something THEY were willing to risk even if it also risked the health of you and your family without your consent or knowledge?

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