It turns out wealthy celebrity women put all kinds of things on their face in that quest to stay young, thus bankable in the entertainment industry. Vampire facials, semen facials, placenta facials, liquid gold facials, snail facials… it will be interesting to see what the unknown, long term side effects turn out to be?

Aside of being an British elitist movie star profiting off the same Americans she nonchalantly insulted, Kate Beckinsale believed she could continue to say anything she wants because she’s Kate Beckinsale.

The 45-year-old star underwent a facial for the first time last week that uses an epidermal growth factor serum containing stem cells cultivated from the discarded tissue of Korean baby boys.

Miss Beckinsale boasted that the results are far more appealing than the ingredients. Alongside a picture of her make-up-free face, the mother-of-one told her fans on Instagram: ‘After a long flight, I do like to lie down and be covered in a mask of liquefied cloned foreskins – frankly who doesn’t?’

The £465 facial, which is performed by British-born beauty therapist Georgia Louise at her salon in New York, has become a favourite with celebrities. Sandra Bullock, 54, is credited with nicknaming it ‘the penis facial’.
Daily Mail (UK), 11/24/18

Amazing how quickly they flee with the slightest pushback, believing their examples of proven stupidity will just go away on demand.

The actor has deleted the post since it prompted scandalised responses online – as it should have: the ethical issues around unnecessary surgery on babies are extremely complex; the ethical issues around profiting from using their disembodied parts to create a facial serum are less so.
Irish Times, 11/27/18

Hey, if you have $591 a pop to blow on trying to thwart the aging process, more power to ya. But there’s also a thing called humility, which is a concept that escapes many of the obscenely-paid in New York and Hollywood. It’s quite fascinating to see their shock when they’re called out for doing something that sounds so wrong to everyone but them.

Then again, if Kate Beckinsale is all for the killing of babies, smearing their parts on her face can’t be that big a deal, right?

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