One sad aspect of being informed on issues by the media and political partisans is how uninformed one can end up being.

More problematic is if that person becomes elected to the United States House of Representatives.

You mean she didn’t know this prior to running for Congress?

Yes, ObamaCare was “frustrating” for millions of Americans who suddenly found that despite the many public assurances of President Obama and Democrat members of the House and Senate, they lost their choice of health care plans, choice of doctors, and also found themselves being forced to buy insurance premiums that were unaffordable with deductibles that made access to care when needed unattainable.

But those who crafted and celebrated the passage of the partisan legislation left the American people in the dark about one little aspect of ObamaCare: they basically removed its pain from themselves.

Back when President Obama was implementing Obamacare, his spokesman promised, “Members of Congress will not receive anything that is not available to the public.” Indeed, Obamacare explicitly requires Congress to live under the same rules as everyone else, by kicking members and staff out of the Federal Employees’ Health Benefits Program and leaving them to enroll in health insurance through the law’s exchanges. Since Obamacare prohibits large employers from using small-business exchanges, that left only its individual-market exchanges. And since federal law prohibits tax-free employer contributions toward individual-market coverage, Obamacare ended Congress’ eligibility for premium contributions the federal government makes on behalf of federal workers with FEHBP coverage.

Contrary to assurances and in violation of federal law, the Obama administration shielded lawmakers from an effective pay cut of up to $12,000 each by granting Congress several types of special treatment unavailable to the public. It deemed Congress eligible to participate in D.C.’s small-business exchange, though both federal and D.C. law prohibit it. That form of special treatment gave rise to another: It made Congress the only large employer in the country that can make tax-free contributions toward its employees’ exchange-plan premiums. The act of issuing those payments conflicts with other federal laws, and bestows yet another form of special treatment on Congress: Members of Congress and their staff are the only group of federal workers who receive FEHBP premium contributions for non-FEHBP coverage.

Forcing lawmakers to experience Obamacare like ordinary people would guarantee that Congress would revamp the law. Members and staff would have to enroll in coverage through the individual-market exchanges, where premiums for ordinary people have doubled since 2013.
Washington Examiner, 9/5/17

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has a golden opportunity to either be the people’s champion she pledged to be or yet another partisan who’ll omit the inconvenient truth just to enjoy the perks of power coming her way.

The “Affordable” Health Care for America Act was a political document, not created to help those who needed insurance, but a means to take over a portion of the American economy. If it was really initially all about helping those without obtain insurance (Obama’s numbers fluctuated depending on the venue), they alone could have been addressed without the all-encompassing mandate that was eventually inflicted on the nation.

The fact those who contributed to the writing of the bill found craftly little ways to make it so THEIR premiums wouldn’t double and deductibles would be easily manageable illustrates the immorality of what the elected and unelected imposed on millions of people who would end up subsidizing these staffers on the Hill.

Of course, totally turning our health over to the federal efficiencies of Medicare is the miraculous big fix, right? Anyone wanna bet how quickly those on Capitol Hill will find a way around it that would best suit them and them alone?

Ocasio-Cortez will quickly learn why it’s called the Swamp.

How she decided to deal with the slime will be another thing.

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