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Like the slight fog that follows recovering from a bout with the flu, we’ve survived the ailment know as the WordPress 5.0 “update” that’s created havoc for many sites. They released 5.1 this morning, we reluctantly updated, and we appear to be up yet still running sluggish. After a week of being down, we appreciate your patience.

So much has happened in the last week, we’re playing catch-up.

FBI Misses Deadline to Provide Docs to Judiciary Committee
DOJ Destroyed Missing Strzok/Page Text Messages Before The IG Could Review Them
Sure, show how they railroad people. Again, these “career” need to be fired or worse
Trump Inauguration Spending Under Criminal Investigation by Federal Prosecutors
The punishment to Donald Trump and those who voted for him continues
Tallahassee City Commissioner and Political Consultant Charged in Racketeering Conspiracy
Funny how the DOJ can go after other people but protects their own
Rolling Thunder comes to an end; 2019 will be last ride
California Dem Ted Lieu say he would ‘love to regulate’ speech
So much of what we used to call America is changing, and not for the better
‘If you go to another country, you must abide by its culture. If not, don’t go’: Egypt’s president decries migrants heading to Europe and refusing to integrate instead of fixing their own countries
Some of us have said this about those who sneak across our Southern border and what are we called?
Blasey-Ford’s scared little girl voice has disappeared in first public statement since her Senate testimony
No surprise here
Violence Erupts as Arsonists Burn 7,000 Voting Machines 10 Days To DR Congo Election
Don’t give Antifa any ideas
France Latest: Phase Five Of “Yellow Vests” Protest Set For Tomorrow
So, there are “phases”…
Shoplifter Says Customer ‘Should Be Punished’ for Tackling Him
Making suspects sit on ground is ‘demeaning,’ San Francisco police chief says: report
Thank liberals and their lawyers
Pelosi says House Democrats will begin process to obtain Trump tax returns
Wouldn’t it be illuminating to see hers?
Over 30 cities oppose Trump proposal on immigration benefits
These 30 cities should pick up the tab for them
Global warming should be called global heating, says key scientist
The periodic rebranding for convenience continues
In custody of Border Control, 7-year-old Guatemalan dies of dehydration
Cause and effect of crossing illegally in the first place. Blame her parent(s)
No. 2 House Republican: Gov’t shutdown ‘stupid’, may happen
For all the drama, it only affects around 16% of the federal government. Get ready for the sob stories from the comfortable obese
Detroit TV meteorologist Jessica Starr commits suicide after sharing ‘struggles’ caused by Lasik eye surgery
Sadly, there’s got to be more to this
Trump meets with Chris Christie to discuss chief of staff role
Don’t do it…
Immigration judge revokes green card, orders deportation of Virginia activist Alejandra Pablos
Oh well
As Last Abortion Center in Nashville Closes, Tennessee Doctor Reveals Why Life is Winning
Russian State to Award Those Who Fight Against Abortion
One reason the left also hates the Russians
Vatican Calls for ‘Urgent Action and Urgent Decisions’ to Stop Climate Change
Obviously, no one is listening to their prayers
Detroit Archbishop Allen Vigneron Fears Rebellion From Gay Priests
Like the Boy Scouts, this is the kind a tumult that occurs once they allowed gays into their institutions
Mika Brzezinski described Mike Pompeo with a homophobic slur. Her non-apology didn’t help.
Like Mika could clean up a mess
Trump nixes White House media holiday party
Missing out on the free booze is what pisses them off most
Samantha Bee Likens Fox Viewers to Nazis, Hints Most Whites Racist
Except her and her friends
Democrats in New Jersey Have a Firm Grip on Power. They Want Even More.
To do what…?
Barack Obama receives RFK Human Rights award at NYC gala
For what, again?
Class act: POTUS Trump has Secret Service hand-deliver signed photo to 10-year-old with brain cancer
In case the media missed this one
Michelle Obama does Fortnite ‘orange justice’ dance with Santa
No, they won’t go away
‘Racist’ Gandhi statue removed from University of Ghana
Inmates running asylums worldwide
Tourists may be making Antarctica’s penguins sick
If we can smell the left downwind, that can’t be good for anyone or anything else
US appeals court blocks Trump birth control coverage rules
Has anyone explained why women can’t pay for their own birth control?

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