Why Media Caution on Cause of Notre Dame Fire? Two Words: Charlie Hebdo

When bad things happen to the general public, the media covers it as long as possible regardless of the pain they inflict on those involved. But should something bad happen to anyone in the media, it’s regarded a tad short of a national emergency.

This may be one explanation on the obvious (and near-hysterical) caution the media is taking when it comes to any kind of speculation of how the fire at the Notre Dame cathedral started, who started it and why.

Any time there is a possible terror attack, the media is seemingly dragged kicking and screaming to even use the name of the eventual culprit and should that alleged perpetrator be a Muslim, the term “radicalized” is quickly introduced to mute any linkage to the documented, violent nature of Islamists.

After all, when innocent people are stabbed, shot, run over by vans and trucks, the media looks at it as a ratings opportunity. But they are not willing to state what may be obvious to many others and risk any kind of potential peril to their own special selves.

They all remember the Charlie Hebdo attack and the message sent.

Two masked gunmen, dressed in black and armed with Kalashnikov assault rifles got out and moved down the street to number 10 – where the offices are on the second floor. Once inside, the men – now known to be brothers Cherif and Said Kouachi – asked maintenance staff in reception where the magazine’s offices were, before shooting dead caretaker Frederic Boisseau. The men opened fire and killed the editor’s police bodyguard, Franck Brinsolaro, before asking for editor Stephane Charbonnier, known as Charb, and other four cartoonists by name and killing them, along with three other editorial staff and a guest attending the meeting.

Witnesses said they had heard the gunmen shouting “We have avenged the Prophet Muhammad” and “God is Great” in Arabic while calling out the names of the journalists.
BBC, 1/14/15

It was more than disingenuous to hear the journalistic restraint demonstrated by Fox News’ Shepard Smith during live coverage of the Notre Dame cathedral fire, dismissing any possible speculation as to the cause and motive based on recent events as “conspiracy theory. But seeing how the media also mostly dismissed the recent rash of church desecration across France because of the makeup of those caught and prosecuted, you can see why Shep didn’t want to have any potential dots connected.

At least 10 incidents of vandalism and desecration of Catholic churches have been reported in France since the beginning of February, according to French news sources and watch groups. Vandals in Catholic churches throughout the country have smashed statues, knocked down tabernacles, scattered or destroyed the Eucharist, burnt altar cloths and torn down crosses, among other acts of desecration of religious items.
Catholic News Agency, 2/15/19

And this is NOT a recent phenomenon.

Islamist militants in Iraq and Syria continue their war on the region’s cultural heritage, attacking archaeological sites with bulldozers and explosives. The destruction is part of a propaganda campaign that includes videos of militants rampaging through Iraq’s Mosul Museum with pickaxes and sledgehammers, and the dynamiting of centuries-old Christian and Muslim shrines.
National Geographic, 9/1/15

While violence against anyone is egregious, the media amplifies it even more whenever violence is turned on them. As evidenced by the shooting at a Baltimore newspaper, the media showed zero professional restraint and was very quick to assign a link to the “right-wing” who decry #fakenews.

Critics of President Trump said Thursday he bore blame for the shooting deaths of five people at a community newspaper in Maryland, saying his tough talk toward the press created the environment for the gunman to launch his attack.

The Baltimore Sun, which owns the Capital Gazette, identified the suspected gunman as Jarrod W. Ramos, whose lawsuit against the paper had been rejected by several courts.

The revelations put a dent in the vitriol that had been fired at Mr. Trump in the hours after the shooting.
Washington Times, 6/28/18

Our media has a habit of quickly attacking (and even destroying reputations), yet when they’re found to be wrong, just drop the issue as if it never happened instead of having the slightest modicum of decency and issuing an apology of equal intensity. The most recent example is the round-the-clock media speculation by the media and their punditry that Donald Trump was a Russian asset who stole a presidential election. No “conspiracy theory” caution was given and when officially found he never did it, scant apologies were expected and issued.

This is because the liberal media has chosen advocacy sides and they don’t hide it. For example, Fox News has been a sponsor of the National Lesbian & Gay Journalist Association’s annual gala for years and what is the mission of the NLGJA?

Founded in 1990, NLGJA is an organization of journalists, media professionals, educators and students working from within the news industry to foster fair and accurate coverage of LGBTQ issues. NLGJA opposes all forms of workplace bias and provides professional development to its members.

One would think the media always forsters “fair and accurate coverage” whenever they do their work, but it appears (again) that liberal advocacy groups, while claiming they want fair treatment, demand special treatment and they usually get it… or else.

And this special media treatment isn’t limited but it’s even being cultivated.

Free speech, free thinking, free food. That was the basic premise of Muslimedia, an event organized in November by Iowa State’s Leo Mores chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) in partnership with the Darul Arqum Islamic Center in Ames.

The event brought together 15 Muslim community members and 15 journalists, including Greenlee students and faculty and Iowa State Daily staffers, to share a halal meal and have an open discussion about the Muslim faith, journalism and how local media covers the Islamic community. It included presentations on the basics of Islam and journalism.

SPJ’s Florida chapter first developed the program as a way for journalists and Muslim leaders to discuss the “practical and ethical issues about reporting on the world’s second-biggest religion,” according to SPJ’s website.
Iowa State University Greenlee School of Journalism, 1/24/19

BTW — The Society of Professional Journalists’ “first developed the program” link has been a dead for awhile. Not sure why.

So, it’s no wonder that Shepard Smith and the rest of the media is walking on eggshells regarding the Notre Dame whodunnit because speculating is a bad thing, unless it’s tarnishing the reputation and speculating on the evil motivations of conservatives and specifically, anyone who supports President Trump.

And heaven forbid the media pisses off the very people they demand we don’t judge because of enumerated past deeds resulting in the worldwide deaths of hundreds of thousands. They wouldn’t want to be next.

They’re just too special.