Just The Vax, Ma’am

AI-powered DoD data analysis program named “Project Salus” shows Antibody Dependent Enhancement accelerating in the fully vaccinated with each passing week

Biden says private-sector COVID-19 vaccine mandate will take effect ‘soon’
Fauci Claims No “True Basis” In Concerns Over Long Term COVID Vax Side Effects… Despite there being no long term studies
Translation: We’re going to see a real uptick in vaccine side effects soon

Verizon Vaccine Mandate Announced today
Navy unveils discharge plans for sailors who refuse COVID-19 vaccine
Dozens of US nuclear lab workers sue over vaccine mandate
New COVID Variant Detected in Louisiana
San Antonio San Antonio Independent School District Vaccine Mandate begins tomorrow. Still no State Court Emergency Injunction
Mark Cuban adamant about vaccinations: ‘If you work for me, I require my employees to be vaccinated’
Pfizer whistleblower says vaccine ‘glows,’ contains toxic luciferase, graphene oxide compounds
Covid is surging in Waterford, Ireland where 99.7 percent of adults are Fully Vaccinated
TSA says 40% of employees are unvaccinated as deadline looms
Large events in Washington state will soon require proof of vaccination or a recent negative COVID test
Large Canadian Town Bars Unvaccinated Couples From Getting Married
Trump: If You’ve Had COVID, You Don’t Need To Take The Vaccine
COVID vaccine mandate lawsuit: Air Force officers argue shots are ‘unproven,’ ‘unnecessary’
American Airlines cancels 230 flights, delays 600+… Sickout is spreading
Oregon Senators Call for Investigation Into Alleged COVID-19 Statistical Manipulation by CDC and FDA
Arkansas governor allows COVID-19 vaccine mandate opt-out bill to become law
Harvard Research confirms there is not evidentiary correlation between cases and vaccination rates
ICU Doctor Describes Nightmarish COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries In Letters To FDA, CDC, Lawyer Says Agencies Haven’t Replied
Chicago police union head urges cops to defy vaccine mandate
Dr. Bridle: “We Made a Big Mistake… We’re Inoculating a Poison”
Kyrie Irving refusing vaccine to protest mandates, job losses
NBA Player Brandon Goodwin Got Blood Clots From COVID Vaccine
Pritzker looks to change state’s Right of Conscience law amid vaccination push
Latest Ohio Republican anti-vaccine bill could be dead
Boeing will require all employees to be vaccinated, despite wary labor unions and conservative opposition
FDA advisory panel to vote on Moderna Covid booster shots
#Resist was “patriotic” when there was a President Trump.
#Resist against President Biden has the same “patriotic” left seething

Flipped Off

Special Election Results for Iowa State House District 29
Abandon ship: Dem chair of House Budget Committee not running for reelection
Biden is bleeding support from Hispanic voters. Democrats should be petrified.
Democrats know what’s coming and it’s ugly

Biden administration says it’s ready to restore ‘Remain in Mexico’ along border next month
What’s he gonna call it, “Stay Back Better”?

Protesters arrested after occupying Interior Dept. lobby
Of course, this isn’t considered an “insurrection”

POLL: Under Half Of Americans Think The Pandemic Will Be Over By End Of 2022, Nearly A Quarter Say It Will Last Forever
The “pandemic” will last as long as Democrat seats are in peril and it can be used as justification to enable election shenanigans


Shortsighted of the Day

Biden’s commission that studied expanding the Supreme Court beyond its 6-3 conservative majority as well as term limits to issue preliminary report Thursday
They never think these things through…

Massachusetts Democratic legislators in 2004 sought to take away the power of a Republican governor (Romney) to appoint an interim senator, arguing that doing so would enable the people to take up their rightful responsibility instead. Five years later, many of those same legislators passed a law enabling a Democratic governor (Patrick) to name an interim senator — and in doing so, enacted something very similar to what they had rejected when the Republican governor proposed it in 2004. We rate this a Full Flop.
Politifact, 9/24/09

We all know what they’d say about court-packing if the Supreme Court was majority liberal



NFL’s Hypocrisy Is Showing – Gruden Pays While Others Still Play

If we just started opening up everybody’s private emails and texts, people would start sweating a little bit. Hopefully not too many. But maybe that’s what they should do for all coaches and GMs and owners from now on, is open up. You’ve got to open up everything. See what happens.
Derek Carr, Las Vegas Raiders quarterback on Jon Gruden

You know how many people in the NFL and media just cringed at the prospect of their “private” communications being probed


CNN: Suspect in Norway attack named as police say they’re treating it as terrorism
Muslim convert had been flagged as radicalised before bow rampage in Norway: Danish attacker killed four women and a man AFTER he escaped police attempt to arrest him for shooting arrows
Those pesky little details

WH chief of staff slammed over post calling supply chain crisis ‘high class problems’
Frustrated shoppers share photos of bare aisles in stores across the country and #EmptyShelvesJoe trends on Twitter as the Biden administration’s response to the supply chain crisis is slammed as ‘too little, too late’

Career leech Ron Klain creates nothing of value for the $180k salary, so why would his well-fed ass care about suffering his boss is causing?

Details of Contents of Democrat Reconciliation Bill
As bad as these are, you know there’s a lot more bad shit in it

Are Your Republican Neighbors Planning On Killing You?
Liberals, puh-leez. Stop touching yourself. None of you are worth an life sentence

Book: How the Media, Big Tech, and the Democrats Seized Our Elections
The literate left will admit what was done could be bad, but….

New Docs Show That Ashli Babbitt was Shot for ‘No Good Reason’
If Babbitt was a black guy with outstanding warrants, attacked and was shot by a cop, we would have heard this hours after it happened

Justice Breyer on Retirement Push : ‘People Say Mean Things’
We can only imagine his inbox….

Afghan Refugees Were Placed in a Popular Vacation Hotel
Air Force Reveals Five Afghans Attempted to Hijack Flight from Kabul During Chaotic August Airlift
CENTCOM disputes Air Force account of attempted hijacking at Kabul airport during Afghanistan evacuation
Some people don’t adapt easily to civilization

Jan. 6 panel subpoenas ex-DOJ lawyer who allegedly aided Trump vote challenge
Watch how this breaks down once logic meets manufactured hysteria

Pentagon: Army Active Service Suicides Jump 46% Compared To Last Year. More Have Died Of Suicide Than Covid Since The Start
Imagine Joe Biden being your boss and having literal control of your life


Democrat of the Day

Councilman Mark Ridley-Thomas Indicted On Federal Charges Alleging Corruption, Along With Former USC Dean
Indictment against Mark Ridley-Thomas another blow to L.A. politics
Democrat politics. Then again, when you’re on the public dole for three decades, enough is never enough

Spin Cycle

CNN: Gupta tries to convince Rogan to get vaccinated. See what happens
Joe Rogan forces Dr. Sanjay Gupta to admit CNN shouldn’t have called his COVID treatment ‘horse dewormer’
Sanjay Gupta Left Nearly Speechless As Joe Rogan Explains Why Some Parents Do Not Want To Vaccinate Their Kids
Joe Rogan Asks Sanjay Gupta If Fauci Is ‘Being Honest’ About NIH Connection to Wuhan Lab’s Gain of Function Research
It’s easy to talk shit about someone on national television… until you have to do so face-to-face


Anarchists damage dozens of buildings overnight in downtown Portland, police say
Had they spray-painted anti-CRT, anti-indoctrination graffiti on buildings, Antifa would be designated domestic terrorists

Judge bars Colorado county official from overseeing elections
An excuse for enabling the next steal

Top California labor official and husband accused of grand theft, embezzlement and tax evasion
It’s a union thing

Farrakhan-Loving politician Who Said Jews Control Weather Running for DC Mayor
No big deal

674 people have been charged in the Capitol insurrection so far.
Politifact: Yes, Jan. 6 Capitol assault was an “armed insurrection” Capitol Protesters Were Armed With Variety of Weapons
Mother Jones: Evidence of Armed Trump Extremists Continues to Emerge in January 6 Cases
NPR: Yes, Capitol Rioters Were Armed. Here Are The Weapons Prosecutors Say They Used
CNN: Fact checking claims January 6 was not an armed insurrection
IF you believe this was an “armed insurrection”, this would be the first time in human history a government was brought down with “baseball bats, chemical sprays, a captured police officer’s riot shield, a crowbar, fire extinguishers and a metal flagpole”. The barbarism….

Vice President Harris slams ‘shameful past’ of Columbus Day
Christopher Columbus fought jihad
It’s sad when your only choices are either the vice president doesn’t know what she’s talking about or is lying


The Media Protection Racket

Katie Couric covered up RBG’s dislike for taking the knee: Anchor says she edited 2016 interview to ‘protect’ the justice after she said people who kneel are showing ‘contempt for a government that made a decent life possible’
Katie Couric Slammed for ‘Toxic’ Choice to Omit RBG Quote on Anthem Kneelers From 2016 Interview
David Brooks Supported Katie Couric’s Decision to Cut Key RBG Quote Criticizing Anthem Kneelers
#LetsGoBrandon: NBC Reporter Kelli Stavast Salvages Embarrassing NASCAR Interview With Verbal Dexterity
NBC Reporter Stays Silent as World Mocks Obvious Coverup of ‘F*ck Joe Biden’ Chant

Facebook will adopt new policies to address harassment targeting public figures
They can destroy your reputation, stake out your home but when the media lies to our faces, Facebook will have their back


Efforts to track diversity in journalism are lagging
The media is overpaid, mostly liberal, white and they want to keep it that way

The rise of the middle class migration: South American families are flying to Mexico, getting a cab and crossing illegally into US, Yuma border chief claims
CBP to Report Record of Nearly 2 Million Migrants Encountered in 2021
Activist Leading Tens of Thousands of Haitians Into US: “We Are Ready For War”
They’re ready to fight us if we don’t allow them to come in illegally. Gotcha.



James Gunn and Charlie Kaufman Almost Made a Cannibalistic ‘Gilligan’s Island’ Reboot
Sorry, the Skipper would be the first to go

George Stephanopoulos Tries to Redeem ‘Pee Dossier’ Hoaxer in Debut Project of His ABC News/Disney Production Studio
The Durham Report will be the mother of all report and Clinton will be written in bold

Netflix’s LGBTQ Twitter Handle Enters The Dave Chappelle Conversation Ahead Of A Planned Employee Walkout: ‘This Week F*cking Sucks’
Netflix CEO doubles down on Dave Chappelle defense
Translation: Yeah, it sucks you’ve planned a walkout. They door is over there….

Produce Pandas: The plus-size musicians making waves in China
The Fat Boys


Off-duty NYPD cop allegedly shoots her ex-girlfriend, kills her new lover
New details emerge in NYPD cop’s tragic love triangle
Flashback: By Percentage, Lesbians Sexually Assault More Than Campus Males
Dirty laundry not to be discussed without your being called a you-know-what

Southlake School Leader Tells Teachers to Balance Holocaust Books With ‘Opposing’ Views
Keep an open mind…

‘The weightlessness, oh Jesus’: Moment awestruck Star Trek star William Shatner, 90, floats around New Shepard capsule in zero gravity and looks down at Earth as he becomes the oldest person in space
Understandable: Captain Kirk experienced weightlessness less than a handful of times

Satellite photos show more construction at military base where US has ‘serious concerns’ about China’s presence
Do you think Biden even knows about this?

Documents Show Biden Administration Opening Border, Handing Out Work Permits to at least 160,000 Released Illegal Immigrants
As their destinations were unknown, they couldn’t include voter registration forms


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