Just The Vax, Ma’am

Der Führer would be proud

Pfizer Applies for Patent to Track the Unvaccinated
A Patent Issued for The Purpose of Contact Tracing All Vaccinated Humans Worldwide – “Wake up stupid little sheep. You are being led to your slaughter”
Gal Ehrlich is an attorney within Chambers and Partners of which Pfizer is a client

Are Covid ‘Vaccines’ Giving People AIDS? Immune System Functions Are Dropping Around 5% EACH WEEK in Those Who Were Vaccinated
Child Sacrifice: Creepy Joe Biden Issues Scary Warning That Little Kids As Young As 5-years Old Will Be Forced To Receive The Covid-19 MRNA Vaccine
FDA will delay Moderna shot for adolescents as it studies potential adverse heart reaction
Get your second J&J dose ASAP say health experts after FDA advisory committee recommended approval of booster: Protection fell from 88% to just 3% in six months, study finds
Boeing employees in Seattle organize group ‘sickout Fridays’ in protest over COVID-19 vaccine mandate
Allison Williams out at ESPN over vaccine mandate
Navy SEALs seeking religious exemptions to vaccine mandate facing intimidation and harassment, sources say
Nebraska AG Issues Opinion on Doctors Prescribing HCQ and Ivermectin for COVID Treatment Will Not Face Punishment
Unvaccinated Washington State Trooper in Yakima, Wash. signs off after 22 years
COVID Vaccines at Least as Risky as Driving Cars, but You Wouldn’t Know It From Listening to ‘Official Sources’
Nicki Minaj says she’s been shadow-banned on social media following vaccine comments
New Mexico judge denies Los Alamos National Laboratory workers’ claim in vaccine fight
Mayoral candidate Eric Adams vows to mandate COVID vaccinations for NYC school kids, de Blasio says he won’t require the jab
Appeals court refuses to stop Janet Mills’ vaccine mandate
Vaccine showdown in the Windy City: Nearly 50% of Chicago’s 13,000-strong police force could be put on unpaid LEAVE for ignoring Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s compulsory shot order
Teen dies of heart attack soon after getting COVID shot so he could play hockey
Hundreds demand ‘freedom’ from COVID-19 vaccine at Times Square rally
NYC Judge Prevents Father From Visiting His Daughter Unless He Takes the COVID Vaccine – No Shot, No Visit
Infection Rate in Vaccinated People in Their 40s Now More Than DOUBLE the Rate in Unvaccinated, PHE Data Shows, as Vaccine Effectiveness Hits Minus-109%
Protesters against vaccine mandates chant “Defund the Media” in front of the New York Times building
Gina Carano Cancels Movie Over COVID Vax Mandate, Moves Entire Set to Red State
#Resist was “patriotic” when there was a President Trump.
#Resist against President Biden has the same “patriotic” left seething

WSU to lead $125 million USAID project to detect emerging viruses
And what will they do when they “find” them?


Sign of the Times

Biden voter-rejecting Florida diner forced to close due to popularity
Sucks, don’t it?


Adam Kinzinger Lashes Out After Democrats Redraw His House District, Likely Ending His Congressional Career
He assumed he’d be loved and protected as #NeverTrump. How’d that work out for ya, Adam?

Robot Dogs Now Have Assault Rifles Mounted On Their Backs
Kinda resembles ED-209 and some of us remember how that worked out…

US hasn’t seen worker anger like this in decades
The administration was ill prepared for a large portion of the population who have the audacity to say “Fuck Joe Biden!”

Known terror threat Ali Harbi Ali ‘plotted attack on Tory MP Sir David Amess for a week’: British Muslim, 25, lives on celebrity-studded London street of £2m houses and his father is a former Somali official left ‘traumatised’
Sir David Amess killer was ‘dead behind the eyes’ after attack, on terror alert list and had extremist material on phone
UK lawmakers security being reviewed at pace, says Speaker
Potential terrorists in parents basement?
THIS is what happens when we’re told certain people aren’t who we know they are

Biden, nearly 79, plans to undergo physical exam ‘soon,’ Psaki says
Notice how they’re not saying anything about a justified mental evaluation?

Babylon Bee: Instead Of Kryptonite, New LGBTQ+ Superman Will Be Crippled By Anyone Using Wrong Pronouns
Superman Just Got a New Mission Statement: ‘Truth, Justice and… a Better Tomorrow’

Don’t leave out routine AIDS testing…


Proud Parenting Moment

When Two Parents Tried to Make Their Young Daughter Practice What Greta Preaches… All Hell Broke Loose!

“Now she’s sitting upstairs in her room at 8 degrees. We have already shut the heating down because of ecological conscience. She’s probably at least typing her fingers warm by typing angry emails on the I-Phone about her “shit parents” to her girlfriends. We announced to her that she was off this I phone at 19 After all, it’s irresponsible to keep wasting electricity to do more or less useful conversation and secondly… see lithium extraction and ecological consequences.

“We assured her protests against this expropriation with a calm voice that we would either send the I-Phone directly to starving children in Africa or sell it and donate the financial equivalent to save the South American rainforest.”

Report: Cori Bush Defends Defund Police Push While Spending $130,000 on Personal Security, Including Cops
She really believes she’s that indispensable


Meet GOC – AOC’s ‘hot, gay rave-hosting little brother’: Ex-real estate agent Gabriel is an ‘anti-capitalist’ social media influencer who organizes dance nights and still lives in the Bronx
Added to the who-gives-a-shit column

Number of Confederate monuments linked to number of lynchings, study finds
And lynchings were linked to the Democrat Party

Assistant to House Sergeant-at-Arms charged with possession of child pornography
Nothing in the headline or story regarding party affiliation. Hmm….

UN Climate Change Conference Reportedly Using Diesel Generators To Charge Teslas Being Used As Shuttles
Inconvenient truth

CA Rep. Michelle Steel Has Unique Solution to Supply Chain Crisis: Ban Container Ships
Another of America’s best and brightest in leadership



The woke storm DC: Dozens of ‘extreme’ climate change activists dubbed ‘People vs Fossil Fuels’ barge into Interior Department, leaving ‘multiple cops and security’ injured in scenes reminiscent of Jan. 6 Capitol riots
If these were Republicans, this would be the January 6th sequel!


Pete Buttigieg says US supply chain issues will ‘certainly’ continue into 2022
Is he gonna “have” more kids?

Only 25% believe Biden’s social spending plan will make their lives better
What’s in Democrats’ Build Back Better plan? A lot of Americans don’t know – CBS News poll
Yet, Joe will take every opportunity to tell us how much Americans support his “plan”

Former officer and NASA exec found guilty of murdering neighbor after years of disputes over loud music and dog poop
To slightly alter Chris Rock’s quote, “He shouldn’t have killed him… but I understand.”



Cam Newton reportedly received COVID-19 vaccine in attempt to get back in NFL
Newton must be very close to signing with a team. There was just one small sticking point….




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