Nineteen students and two adults killed in Texas elementary school shooting
Portrait of a killer: Call of Duty-loving shooter, 18, was bullied at school for being poor, creeped out his Wendy’s female co-workers, and lived with his grandmother who he shot at START of rampage after row over not graduating
Biden blames Texas school shooting on ‘gun lobby,’ demands new gun laws
‘Elite’ Border Patrol agent credited with killing Texas school mass shooter

What struck me was these kinds of mass shootings rarely happen anywhere else in the world.
President Joe Biden, 5/24/22

America doesn’t actually lead the world in mass shootings
Did ABC News Altered Texas Shooter Salvador Ramos’s Photo To Appear More Caucasian?
MSNBC’s Reid: Canada, Mexico Should Build Border Walls in Response to U.S. Mass Shootings
Chuck Schumer Moving Quickly to ‘Force’ Gun Control Vote
No Gun Control Proposal Would Have Prevented Tuesday’s Tragedy in Uvalde, Texas
Matthew McConaughey Pushes ‘Call to Action’ After Texas School Shooting: ‘This Is an Epidemic We Can Control’
Flashback: Warriors Steve Kerr joins Oakland activists calls to remove Oakland Unified School District police
Dem Rep Escobar: ‘Just Like We Regulate Vehicles and Cigarettes’ and Alcohol, We Should ‘Regulate Guns’ So People ‘Don’t Live in Fear’
Beto O’Rourke Kicked Out of Abbott’s Press Conference on Uvalde Shooting: ‘Sick Son of a Bitch’
Hollywood Celebrities Capitalize on Texas School Shooting: ‘Fuck the GOP and Their Obsession with Guns’
“Obsession with guns”… watch a movie, video game or primetime drama lately?

If you had to choose one, armed protection for a school or a red-carpet award ceremony?

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NYC Subway Shooter Who Killed Goldman Banker Had “About 20 Prior Arrests”, Including Murder Charge From 2017
The same people now calling for gun control (again) are the same people who voted for AGs who release the murderous within hours of their latest crime

Fox News: John Roberts Breaks The Silence About Vaccine Injuries
This usually happens before the truth comes out and they have to act like this is news to them

Climate change is eroding a precious resource: sleep
Thank the fear porn activists, their nonprofits, elitist politicians and so-called educators for scaring the youth sleepless

Trump-Backed ‘Stop the Steal’ Candidates Get Walloped in Georgia GOP Primaries
GOP Drops Unprecedented Cash to Save Governors From MAGA Mutiny
Democrat Voters Pushed Dirtbag Raffensperger Over the Top in Georgia GOP Primary
Honest perspective is in order

Why Aren’t Even The Wealthiest People Having Offspring? Elon Musk Is Right. Having Kids Is Not An Economic Decision
It’s simpler than that. Ask Ricky Gervais….

Ricky Gervais’ Netflix Special Draws Criticism for Graphic Jokes Mocking Trans People
They wanted special attention. They got it

A New WHO COVID Report Once Again Proves Sweden Right: Sweden never locked down, did not mandate masks or vaccinations
Sweden doesn’t have a blatantly dishonest media and cheating Democrat party

Family Who Viciously Beat, Ziptied Burglar Faces Slew of Charges: Deputies
Maybe they should given him a group hug and asked him not to do it again?

CA Senate Passes ‘Transgender-Inclusive Health Care’ Bill
One answer on why today’s kids are so fucked up

Canadian national security task force is preparing for the collapse of the United States
Thanks to Joe Biden, we’re cruisin’ to be second fiddle to Canada

Biden’s public approval falls to 36%, lowest of his presidency -Reuters/Ipsos
The “36%” are the national security risk

Top FBI Brass Were “Fired Up” About Destroying Trump
Sussmann Billed Clinton Campaign on Day of FBI Meeting for Work on ‘Confidential Project,’ Records Show
Sussmann trial: MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC ignore testimony that Clinton OK’d leaking of Trump-Russian allegations
They covered for Hillary for over five years and can NEVER risk losing the meager credibility they have left with their stoopids

San Francisco Bay Area Gas Station Nears $8 Per Gallon
Truckers hit hard by surges in diesel prices, consumers may be affected
No, really?

UK Backs Plan to Escort Grain Ships Past Russia’s Naval Blockade of Ukraine
Let’s just declare war with Russia and wait for the TikTok version of “Duck and Cover”

FTX Chief Willing To Spend $1B Against Donald Trump In 2024
How brave is this when all you do is play with other people’s money?

George Bush assassination plot ‘precisely’ the concern we had with Biden’s open border policies: Rep. Katko
If the plot targeted a Democrat, this would be a serious problem

Ronald Reagan’s campaign chair launches committee to ‘draft’ Ron DeSantis to jump into 2024 presidential race before Trump does
Hacks trying to get some of the donor money they know they won’t get


While probably not intentional (unlike emotional cable news and radio wrist-slitters like Dan Bongino), Markley, Van Camp & Robbins has best (IMO) filled the void left by Rush Limbaugh from noon to 3pm EST or commercial free podcasts in case you missed their live broadcast!



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