Screenshots: Brian Sicknick’s Text Messages That He Sent To His Best Friend On January 6 Reveals Who Really Started The Riots Around The Capitol
And the media won’t touch this

Donald Trump: Next President Must ‘Remove Rogue Bureaucrats and Root out the Deep State’
Flashback: 2025: Trump Will ‘Drain the Swamp’, Re-invoke Schedule F
Should be the FIRST order of business

Hunter Biden attributes his penis obsession to ‘body dysmorphia’
More to come

Mountain View Pool Punishes Woman For Her Gender Expression and Identity
An 80-Year-Old woman is banned for complaining about a cross-dressing man watching little girls undress in the locker room. Details….

Arizona Establishment Republicans Sound the Alarm After a Kari Lake-Led MAGA Primary Sweep: ‘A Catastrophe’ for ‘Our Democracy’
It sucks when the electorate gives them the finger back

Beyond Meat sales drop as fast-food trials flop; McDonald’s is ‘McDone’ with plant burger
The sham goes bust

Democrats Advance ‘Inflation Reduction’ Bill in 51–50 Vote: Kamala Harris uses tie-breaking vote
Manchin Faces Backlash From Deal With Schumer
Bernie admits Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act WON’T bring it down and will have only a ‘minimal impact’ as bill passes initial Senate hurdle after Kamala broke deadlock
Democrats lied and everyone knows things will get worse. But the usual suspects will get their funding at taxpayer expense, again

Dick Cheney Ignores His Own Record While Indicting Trump As Worst Threat To American Democracy Ever
The narcissist class often overestimates their relevance

Despite Climate-Doomsaying, The Great Barrier Reef’s Coral Growth Soars To Record
Until their Miss Cleo acts are ridiculed, these revelations will continue

Nearly 2,000 NYPD cops quitting before getting full pensions — a 71% jump from 2021
Who can blame them…

CONFIRMED: Paul Pelosi Jr. Traveled with Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Her Recent Trip to Asia
The grift is generational

Trump-Backed Leora Levy: ‘I am Running to Rid Connecticut of the Blumenthal Blight’
One just has to have confidence in the informed Connecticut voter

GOP incumbent Jaime Herrera Beutler on brink of third place as her lead shrinks with Friday vote totals
See ya!


While probably not intentional (unlike emotional cable news and radio wrist-slitters like Dan Bongino), Markley, Van Camp & Robbins has best (IMO) filled the void left by Rush Limbaugh from noon to 3pm EST or commercial free podcasts in case you missed their live broadcast!



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  1. ITNerd

    News for Joy Behar: Go ahead and have your sex strike. There isnt enough beer in the world to cause anyone to cross that picket line.

  2. ITNerd

    Michael Vick spent time in the joint for treating his dogs more humanely than Fauci has with the beagles. Just sayin

    Kelli Stavast should have copyrighted “Let’s Go Brandon” as soon as she said her stupid comment.


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