Judge rejects DOJ bid to delay Mar-a-Lago ruling, appoints special master
What to know about Raymond Dearie, the judge who will serve as Mar-a-Lago search special master
Flashback: Trump pick for special master approved final ‘invalid’ FISA warrant against Carter Page
Uh oh. Judge Dearie was a FISA judge of whom the FBI lied to….

2017: Trump: “Illegal immigration on the U.S.-Mexico border is “the lowest in 17 years.”
2022: Biden’s Border Crisis is the worst in American History

Planeloads of Venezuelan Migrants Arrive at Martha’s Vineyard Airport
Rush Limbaugh 2019: It’s Brilliant to Flood Sanctuary Cities with Illegals
Wealthy Martha’s Vineyard residents face pressure to welcome migrants into their multi-million dollar homes after proudly displaying signs saying ‘we stand with immigrants… all are welcome here’
Eric Swalwell: ‘Soulless’ of DeSantis to Send Illegal Immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard
Mass. politicians blast Florida governor for shipping migrants to Martha’s Vineyard
Here is the most current update on current humanitarian crisis on Martha’s Vineyard
Martha’s Vineyard Millionaires Launch GoFundMe Over ‘Humanitarian Crisis’
Officials From Martha’s Vineyard Hold Emergency Meeting Following Arrival of an Estimated 50 Illegal Immigrants, Migrants Will be Moved “Off Island”
Baker administration ‘exploring’ moving migrants from Martha’s Vineyard to Joint Base Cape Cod
Massachusetts gov calls up National Guard over 50 Martha’s Vineyard migrants
Telemundo: Not all residents are thrilled at this migrant dropoff
Facebook Thread Shows How Martha’s Vineyard Residents Really Felt About Illegal Immigrants In Their Community And It’s Not Something You Can See On The MSM
NBC News deletes tweet with activist quote comparing migrants in Martha’s Vineyard to ‘trash’
The illegals were removed from Martha’s Vineyard within 48 hours, escorted out by 125 soldiers, and indifferently sent to an evil military base where cages probably await them. But as long as they were gone as to not interrupt weekend plans and commerce, all’s good

Karine Jean-Pierre: Illegal aliens deserve better “than being left in Martha’s Vineyard. They deserve a lot better than that.”
Martha’s Vineyard is a real shithole
Karine Jean-Pierre partly blames ‘Texas Governor Ted Cruz’ for lax border security
This woman has single-handedly lowered the bar for all future White House press secretaries

2 migrant buses arrive outside Vice President Kamala Harris’ Naval Observatory residence in DC
Vice President Harris ignores question on migrants arriving outside residence after ‘secure’ border claim
Just a NIMBY kinda’ day!

Mike Lindell hires Alan Dershowitz to sue U.S. government and FBI
Professor Dershowitz doesn’t take cases he doesn’t believe he’ll win

Fact Check: False! MSNBC Analyst Paints Biden As A ‘Retired War Hero’
Only in the warped liberal mind can a four-time draft dodger be considered a war hero, but when you know your audience is stupid….

NH GOP Senate Candidate Bolduc: 2020 Election ‘Was Not Stolen’ — ‘Unfortunately’ Biden Is the Legitimate President
Flashback: Democrats Spent $43 Million Helping Election Deniers Win Their Primaries
Well, we know who the Trojan Horse Republicans are

Hillary Clinton Gets Real on Menopause and Megan Thee Stallion’s ‘WAP’: ‘I Admire the Audacity’
Oscar Winner Laura Poitras Bashes Toronto, Venice For Programming Hillary Clinton Docs, Accuses Festivals Of “Kind Of Whitewashing” Clinton’s Record
For those of you not into today’s “music”, try to erase Hillary Clinton and “wet ass pussy” from your mind….

Disney found ‘substantial portion’ of Twitter users fake in 2016: former CEO
And how many so-called “news” outlets depend on Twitter for their reporting?

Aaron Judge won’t rule out landing with Red Sox in free agency: ‘We’ll talk about that at the end of the year’
Arrogant Yankee fans would lose their minds

How Bill Gates and partners used their clout to control the global Covid response — with little oversight
New Totalitarianism Led by ‘Dull Bureaucrats and Technocrats’: Psychologist Mattias Desmet
There’s not much about attractive about the thought of hanging out with the elites

Don Lemon Loses CNN Primetime Gig, to Co-Anchor New Morning Show With Poppy Harlow and Kaitlan Collins
Don Lemon Celebrates CNN Shakeup That Moves Him to Mornings: ‘This Is a Promotion’
We all know what Don would be screaming if he were fired

Scientists debate how lethal COVID is. Some say it’s now less risky than flu
Flashback: ‘Millions’ in U.S. Will Die from COVID-19: The Left Was Wrong AGAIN!
Some of us were saying this all along and what did social media do to our posts and comments?

Facebook spied on private messages of Americans who questioned 2020 election
And how many of you still have a Facebook tab open all day?

Democrats punt same-sex marriage vote until after election
Another group they’ll fuck over later

Over $1 billion in COVID relief awarded to foreign applicants: inspector general report
That explains the down-down tick of spam emails from Nigerian royalty. They applied directly to the U.S. government!

Harvard Tells Students: ‘Using Wrong Pronouns’ Constitutes ‘Abuse’
At $52,659 per year, there are cheaper ways to induce mental illness

COVID-19 Vaccine Boosters for Young Adults: A Risk-Benefit Assessment and Five Ethical Arguments against Mandates at Universities
Using CDC and sponsor-reported adverse event data, we find that booster mandates may cause a net expected harm: per COVID-19 hospitalisation prevented in previously uninfected young adults, we anticipate 18 to 98 serious adverse events, including 1.7 to 3.0 booster-associated myocarditis cases in males….
University of Washington, Edinburgh Medical School, University of Oxford, University of Toronto, Harvard Medical School, University of California, San Francisco, Johns Hopkins University, Florida Department of Health

Former FBI Investigator Under Scrutiny for Ties to Russian Oligarch
Ranking Member of the House Judiciary Committee says woke FBI analysts are going after Americans
Biden accused of pressuring FBI to fabricate ‘extremist’ and ‘White supremacist’ cases
Every day it’s something else…

Ranked-Choice Voting Failed To Make Ballot In Missouri — But Beware, The Left Will Keep Pushing It
It’s official: Missouri is smarter than Alaska and Maine

Climate change prevention plans ‘way off track’, says UN
The majority aren’t environmental morons

Catalytic converters stolen from several marked SFPD vehicles
You know we’re in the shit when criminals rob the police

Fox News producing documentary about reporter injured in Ukraine
Thousands have been injured and/or killed in Ukraine. This belongs in the “When Bad Things Happen to Journalists” laments

Panel recommends removal of Confederate memorial at Arlington National Cemetery
Flashback: Activists Whitewash Racist Democrat Slave History with Assistance
Again pointing out Confederates were Democrats, they’ll say “That’s not who we are”….

Election Interference: DOJ/FBI Carpet-Bombed Subpoenas An Attempt To Freeze Political Opposition In Runup To Midterms
Former CIA Station Chief: Intelligence Agencies Cannot ‘Be Reformed’ Unless POTUS Can ‘Fire Every Federal Employee’
Again, the case for Schedule F

Age Verification Providers Say Don’t Worry About California Design Code; You’ll Just Have To Scan Your Face For Every Website You Visit
This public BAND-AID® is too little, too late

NFL Slammed Over Hispanic Heritage Month Logo That the League Says ‘Integrates an Unmistakable Latin Flavor’
Flashback: Hispanic Heritage Foundation and NFL launch Latinx Heritage Month
Okay, they didn’t call them Latinx this year but seeing how there’s no eñe on the word “nacional”, who outside of the NFL’s marketing department says “Eñe Efe Ele”?

NASA admits climate change occurs because of changes in Earth’s solar orbit, not because of SUVs and fossil fuels
Fact Check-NASA did not announce that climate change is only driven by variations to Earth’s orbital position relative to the sun
Solar activity at an all-time high! Solar flares, Coronal Mass Ejections observed last week
Scientists propose controversial plan to refreeze North and South Poles by spraying sulphur dioxide into atmosphere
Despite a coherent semblance of consensus, “scientists” are going to screw with the sky without asking the millions living underneath

Two men arrested for home invasion of LA mayoral candidate Karen Bass – where they stole two guns but left other valuables untouched: California Democrat warns ‘Angelenos all around the city are not feeling safe’
Flashback: Selective Crime Outrage: When Bad Things Happen to Politicians
Note a pretty hefty bail amount when these thugs dared steal from the special


While probably not intentional (unlike emotional cable news and radio wrist-slitters like Dan Bongino), Markley, Van Camp & Robbins has best (IMO) filled the void left by Rush Limbaugh from noon to 3pm EST or commercial free podcasts in case you missed their live broadcast!



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