Harvard-Harris poll, GOP 2024 Primary: Trump 46, DeSantis 28, Pence 7
This is a not-so-subtle message for the egotistic, delusional to not even bother

Pence on Trump 2024: ‘It’s Time for New Leadership’
We agree. There’s the door….

Canadian Doctor Says College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario Suggests Unvaccinated Patients are Mentally Ill and Should be Put on Psychiatric Medication
So much for future tourism in Canada

Kari Lake Announces Formation of Legal Team, Vows to Contest Election Results
Philly Dem Consultant Accused of Faking 1,000 Signatures
Marc Elias Launches ‘Ludicrous’ Attempt to Rewrite Georgia Election Law Before Senate Runoff

The Tuesday next after the 1st Monday in November, in every even numbered year, is established as the day for the election, in each of the States and Territories of the United States, of Representatives and Delegates to the Congress commencing on the 3rd day of January next thereafter.
2 U.S. Code § 7 – Time of election

Back in the day of paper ballots on ELECTION DAY, we used to know who the president was a few hours after the West Coast polls closed

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner Impeached. He Blames Racism
With the dozens of dead black people his “reforms” caused, good luck with that

1 in 5 single adults more hesitant to have sex since Supreme Court flipped abortion ruling
Fuck responsibly

Why Did the DOJ Lie About the Paul Pelosi Attack?
They weren’t under oath, not like that matters

Dozens of court docs relating to eight of pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s associates – including billionaire hotel magnate and female Brit – will be unsealed after judge rules public interest outweighs right to privacy
Seeing how Epstein didn’t kill himself, there is no right to privacy

Student debtors refuse to pay back loans: ‘I’m not gonna feed this monster anymore’
The “monster” they voluntarily signed-on-the-line to feed

Musk trolls AOC, liberal journalists who panicked over end of Twitter: ‘The best people are staying’

McConnell Ended 2022 Midterms with $40 Million in the Coffers – Refused Funding to Blake Masters Who Was Outspent by $70 Million
The enemy within

Meta reportedly disciplined or fired more than two dozen employees for taking over user accounts
Evil people

CNN bloodbath: New boss Chris Licht confirms the network WILL see layoffs as early as December – as ABC News boss suggests staff cuts and NBCUniversal goes on firing spree
Morale at MSNBC is at ‘all time low’ as network faces identity crisis
After all of the Biden-induced misery the American people are still suffering through, we’ll be told to feel sorry for media victims who won’t know where their next meal with come from

COP27 Agrees On Loss and Damage Fund for Vulnerable Countries
Of course we all know who’s ultimately paying for this

American Bar Association Scraps LSAT and standardized admissions tests after woke law schools including Yale and Harvard claimed they hurt diversity
The ABA is just a dot org who just green-lighted more overpaid, incompetent lawyers

Murkowski trolls Alaska Senate challenger as she takes lead in first-place votes
Just waiting for all of those “votes” to (come in and) be counted

Pentagon fails 5th annual audit in a row – what you should know
They get more than they ask for every year and this is the thanks taxpayers get

Now Texas Governor Abbott sends TANKS to the border after threatening to send gunboats – as Republican invokes invasion clause to deal with migrants flooding over border
Tanks… a nice touch

Music Professor Calls His Black Dad Racist for Liking Bach
There are a lot of black racists out there

ABC’s Hostin Accuses Tucker Carlson of Doxxing Her — But Showcased 10-Bedroom, 10-Bath Mansion in People Magazine Feature Years Earlier
When all you have to offer the world is your big mouth….

Two million face paying 60pc income tax
UK Voters Now Link High Taxes With Right Wing Rather than Left Wing, Polls Find
Yet another garbage-in-garbage-out misinformation “poll”

Joe Biden Hosts Secret Wedding for His Granddaughter at the White House
Hunter Biden’s daughter preps for ‘private’ WH wedding; banned press asks why hide in ‘the people’s house?’
Turns out the freeloading bitch has been living in the White House on our dime for months

Putin ‘will announce massive new mobilisation and martial law’ in desperate move that could hasten coup to dump ailing leader as first Ukraine trains arrive in liberated Kherson
The “War in Ukraine” will return after this message from our sponsors….

Truck drivers continue to block roads in Brazil after presidential election
The election was stolen and you really oughta’ know it, clap your hands

Why Are Four Republican Senators Leading Talks With Illegal Aliens to Sneak Amnesty Through in Lame Duck Session?

According to Politico, Sens. John Cornyn (R-TX), Mike Lee (R-UT), Mike Rounds (R-SD), and Pat Toomey (R-PA) held meetings with DACA illegal aliens to discuss potential amnesty plans.

Because they are free from immediate electoral retribution

Marjorie Taylor Greene: Holman Rule Will Defund Garland’s Special Counsel
Because we ALL know lawyers don’t “work” for free

Biden’s Top Econ Adviser To Leave White House Amid Inflation, Recession Fears
After the damage has been done to America, the leeches flee

Disgraced FBI Agent Hypes Potential Indictments Of Trump Associates
A public warning to anyone who may wish to work in an upcoming Trump Administration

McCarthy Used FTX Cash to Defeat Conservatives in 2022
Useless people in power are THE threat to our democracy

TICKETMASTER ‘TROUBLE’: Pricey Taylor Swift tickets spurs ‘bad reputation’ causing Gen Z to see ‘red’
Ticketmaster’s Parent Company Said to Face Justice Department Investigation
How Taylor Swift Changed the Course of the Concert Ticketing Businesses
This is what happens when everything is done through the phone. This NEVER happened when people stood in line to buy tickets

MSNBC anchor slammed for complaining House Democrats never investigated the Trump family: ‘Clown Alert’
You can be a “journalist” saying stupid shit like this when you’ve kept your audience stupid for years

Apple TV Dumps Maggie Haberman’s Trump Smear
Too talky is one thing. Paid shit talk is another

Men who vandalized Santa Cruz BLM mural sentenced to 90 days in jail
But if you run over cops with your car, you go home the following day

“This Is Unprecedented”: Enron Liquidator Overseeing FTX Bankruptcy Speechless: “I Have Never Seen Anything Like This”
Bombshell court filing claims Bahamas government ordered fallen crypto CEO Sam Bankman-Fried to hack FTX systems and transfer assets to the island nation after he filed for bankruptcy
Bankman-Fried spent millions on Dem campaigns
FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried’s family boasts deep ties to Democrat power players
Sam Bankman-Fried and FTX Cronies Gave $300k to House Committee Members Investigating Him
FTX’s Sam Bankman-Fried cashed out $300 million during funding spree – WSJ
Sam Bankman-Fried Listed As Speaker At Live Event Hosted By New York Times, Along With President Zelensky, Janet Yellen, And Mark Zuckerberg
Disgraced FTX Founder Donated To Six RINOs Who Voted To Impeach Trump
Josh Hawley Warns Merrick Garland and Major Federal Regulators to Preserve All Communications With Failed Cryptocurrency Behemoth FTX
FTX now right-wing according to Forbes
We all know when they’re spinnin’, they’re protecting Democrats

What Does FTX’s Downfall Have to Do with Tom Brady and Gisele’s Divorce?
It’s said money causes the most problem in a marriage and when you have a lot of money, you have a lot of problems.
Kinda’ makes you wonder whose initial idea it was to get involved with FTX…?

‘It’s like living in an igloo.’ People are turning off their heat as prices surge
1/27/21 Flashback: Biden suspends oil and gas leasing in slew of executive actions on climate change
Joe Biden has solely cause ALL the pain

GOP megadonors Robert Mercer and daughter Rebekah Mercer have no current plans to help former President Donald Trump’s 2024 campaign for the White House
Until they have to kiss his ass after the primary

Soros-backed Org Urges Musk to Continue Censoring Donald Trump in Globalist Effort to Undermine Democracy
Musk posts Twitter poll asking whether Trump should be allowed back on platform
A Trump Tweet, despite the negative narrative, brings in a lot of advertising dollars

Gisele Fetterman Wore a $12 Thrifted Dress for her First Day on Capitol Hill
$12 dollars away from Pennsylvania trash. And this is quite the skanky look for a senator’s wife, Gisele

Video appears to show Twitter employees who rejected Elon Musk counting down the seconds until they’re fired in an empty office
Do these imbeciles realize possible future employers will see this?

‘It’s hell’: Fury at ‘unfinished, cramped and searing hot conditions’ inside the £185-a-night fan village at FIFA World Cup – as Qatar officials ‘threaten to SMASH’ video cameras of unhappy supporters and stop journalists from filming
No sympathy for anyone who claims to be duped

Kamala Harris has ‘brief’ meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Bangkok as tensions rise over Taiwan and North Korean missile tests
Xi probably ended it after the first word salad, punctuated with that cackle

Man eviscerated as a ‘racist, misogynistic, xenophobic Trump supporter’ at his FUNERAL is billionaire auto loans magnate Donald Foss – whose ranting ‘black supremacist’ daughter attends a $57k-a-year school and grew up in a $7.3m mansion
Maybe because the “racist, misogynistic, xenophobic Trump supporter” didn’t leave the spoiled brat as much as they/them expected

What do people mean when they refer to ‘traditional marriage’? ‘It’s clear that it’s code,’ LGBTQ activists say
Get over yourselves. The world is not going to avoid tradition to spare the feelings of a perpetually unhappy few

Republicans identify 42 Biden administration officials they want to testify
A respectable round number

‘Jeopardy!’ contestants leave CNN hosts outraged after they don’t know who Ketanji Brown Jackson is
The contestants probably hesitated as mispronouncing her name might be a wrong answer

NBC silent after retracting Paul Pelosi report under mysterious circumstances
And we’re all told to look the other way and take their word for it

Flashback: Barack Obama: “We Have Now Essentially Clinically Tested the Vaccine on Billions of People Worldwide”
Anyone else saying this would be cancelled

Nobody Is Talking About The Record-High Number Of Americans On Psychiatric Drugs, Including Infants
Sorry, many are and have been for years. You get cancelled for not siding with the drug companies

Republicans Could Set Their Sights on Impeaching Someone Other Than Biden – DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas
A good start with five million (and growing) pieces of evidence

DOJ names Jack Smith as special counsel to oversee Trump criminal investigations
George Conway: Mar-a-Lago Document Obstruction Probe Putting Trump in ‘Substantial Peril’
Election Over, Washington Post Quietly Reports Construct of FBI Top Secret Narrative Around Trump Mar-a-Lago Documents Was False
Paul Sperry has the skinny on new Special Counsel Jack Smith

To date, Donald Trump is undefeated in these vindictive investigations

Hollywood is rethinking woke; NYT calls this “regression”
The receipts are in

New Civil Liberties Alliance Files Class-Action Against Massachusetts for Auto-Installing Covid Spyware on 1 Million Phones
A state that’s elected a Democrat super-majority for decades is ripe for unsuspecting suckas

As measles outbreak sickens more than a dozen children in Ohio, local health officials seek help from CDC
Afflictions that were gone for decades, returned thanks to the illegals

Study claims tiny particles in the air can cause sudden heart attacks
Sounds like a ploy to mask vaccine-induced heart attacks by scaring people into wearing… masks!

‘Americans will be shocked’: Former Hunter Biden business partner lauds GOP probe into Hunter Biden
Any guess how long it takes before the Democrat left and their media declare the name “Bobulinski” Russian…?

First openly transgender NFL cheerleader Justine Lindsay a ‘face of the possible’
Just when the NFL was slowly gaining back those who were disgusted by BLM….


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