Flashback: Biden: I never talked to son Hunter about overseas business dealings
Flashback: Biden now certain Hunter’s business dealings were not illegal

Bidens Used Web of Shell Companies to Conceal Foreign Cash, Bank Records Obtained by House GOP Reveal
The Bidens pocketed $1M from ‘corrupt’ Romanian oligarch just as VP Joe lectured country on ethics
FBI doesn’t share document GOP subpoenaed alleging ‘criminal scheme’ involving Biden
CNN: House Republicans allege Biden family members received millions in payments from foreign entities in new bank records report
NBC News: House Oversight chair questions $1.3 million in payments to Hunter Biden and relatives
Politico: Comer releases Biden family probe update without showing link to president
Of course, most of the media will claim this is all news to them

GOP Rep. George Santos charged with money laundering, fraud, theft
FBI Used Congressional Staff as Confidential Informants and Human Assets to Build Case Against Congressman George Santos
Isn’t it amazing how the Department of Justice recognizes and acts on crimes when they want to?


Flashback: Biden Signs Executive Orders Reversing Trump Immigration Policies
Flashback: Republican’s border wall couldn’t even withstand WIND, Karine Jean-Pierre says: Blames the GOP AGAIN for the migrant crisis and claims they voted to fire 2,000 border agents


Biden admits migrant surge is ‘going to be chaotic’ when Title 42 ends
Border Patrol apprehends over 10,000 migrants a day ahead of Title 42’s end, highest ever recorded
ICE Memo Calls For ‘Rapidly Releasing’ Illegal Immigrants Ahead Of Trump-Era Border Policy’s End
Mayorkas: ‘Not Worried About Title 42’ Ending — ‘The Border Is Secure Because We Are Maximizing Our Resources’ for ‘Most Effective Results’
NBC News: Biden admin to allow for the release of some migrants into the U.S. with no way to track them
Rolling Stone: Biden Restricts Asylum Access After Vowing to Reverse Trump Immigration Policies
Despite the best efforts of Democrats and their media, everyone (with a brain) knows Joe Biden intentionally caused the mess Americans will have to deal with for decades


Nearly Half of Americans Say We Should Not Raise the Debt Ceiling
McCarthy Met With Biden on the Debt Ceiling But Biden Wasted His Time
Meeting with Biden for anything is a waste of time

Wind And Solar Aren’t Nearly Enough: Why Biden Is Suddenly Supporting Fossil Fuels
Someone in the administration must have been stranded at a charging station and whined around the West Wing

National Champion Georgia Bulldogs football team REJECTS Joe Biden’s invitation to White House
Who wants to explain being in a photo with Biden?

CNN: Trump’s CNN town hall is a sign of a broader and more traditional campaign strategy
Poll: Donald Trump Opens Up 41-point Lead over GOP Primary Field
MoveOn: CNN: Stop Giving Trump Free Airtime!
Trump Hijacks CNN, Steamrolls Kaitlan Collins in New Hampshire Townhall: ‘You Are a Nasty Person’
Flashback: CNN’s Kaitlan Collins: Inexperienced, Entitled, Unqualified ‘Journalist’
Trump Is Ratings Gold for CNN as Millions Tune in to Town Hall
CNN leadership under fire after ‘disastrous’ Trump town hall
Donald Trump had a lot to say, millions heard him (maybe for the very first time) unfiltered, and that’s a very bad thing for Democrats and their media

Steve Cortes Announces He Took “National Spokesman” Job (Money) From DeSantis PAC, Now Supports Ron DeSantis
Again when it comes to the blabbermouth class, values have a price tag

George Conway: Trump Voters Can’t Admit They’re ‘Enabling a Monster’
And Democrats will never admit their votes caused ALL of the problems we’re experiencing



Teachers Union Boss Skewered on Twitter for Promoting Social-Media Scrubber
Flashback: Woke teachers’ union boss Randi Weingarten slams DeSantis in misspelled tweet
Flashback: Randi Weingarten apologizes for tweeting fake list of books banned in Florida
Flashback: Randi Weingarten ripped for tweet admitting ‘remote education didn’t work’: ‘Water is wet’
Flashback: Teachers’ union boss slammed for ‘illiterate’ tweet about founders’ view of slavery: ‘A child’s understanding’
Flashback: Teachers union president misspells Ukraine on Twitter after posing with upside-down Ukrainian flag
Flashback: Twitter fact-checks Randi Weingarten for claiming Trump admin blocked school reopenings
Randi clearly saw a need, oh and why would teachers need such a tool?



New York becomes the first state to ban natural gas stoves and furnaces in most new buildings
Oregon’s AG Ellen Rosenblum joins in call for federal gas stove rules

California’s Gas Stove Ban Has Officially Been Overturned
Democratic states call for federal crackdown on gas stoves
Flashback: Republicans Mocked Over Outraged Claims Government ‘Coming for’ Gas Stoves
Flashback: Republicans have found their new dumb culture war
Flashback: “Gas stoves!” freak-out is the least convincing fake Republican outrage ever
Flashback: Ban Gas Stoves? Just the Idea Gets Some in Washington Boiling.
Whenever Democrats tell you one thing, ALWAYS assume the opposite


Canvasser for progressive group shot dead by fellow staffer on campaign trail in Philadelphia
Democrat-on-Democrat crime

Marketing guru behind Budweiser’s iconic ‘Whassup!’ and ‘Talking Frogs’ commercials says Anheuser-Busch has ‘destroyed 20 years of work in one week’ with Dylan Mulvaney debacle
Remember that when the next CEO puts a brand in the hands of arrogant, young know-nothings

WEF Member Calls for 86% Reduction in World’s Population
Of course the chosen 14% will be comprised of mostly-white uberwealthy, their accepted academics, politicians, entertainers, family members and really good chefs and servants

Don Tracy Secretly Creates IL GOP Endorsement Committee in Attempt to Block Grassroots from Winning Future Primary Elections, Catching GOP Leaders by Surprise
State and local parties have always believed they and they alone should choose our candidates

NY Times op-ed writer Elizabeth Spiers ripped for dismissing subway fears: ‘Imaginary monsters’
When Liz gets assaulted, how many op-eds will she right demanding protection and understanding of her physical and emotional traumas?

US prices stay high, showing inflation pressures persist
US April Core Inflation Remains High At 5.5% YoY As Real Weekly Hourly Earnings Growth Declines -1.1% YoY For 25th Straight Month (Biden Economy Sucks For Middle Class)
Housing Under Biden: Mortgage Demand Increases 6.3% Since Last Week On Rate Declines, But Purchase Demand Down 32% Since Last Year, Refi Demand Down 44% YoY
Flashback: Yellen expects high inflation rates to be temporary
Flashback: Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen finally admits she was ‘wrong’ about inflation
They’re wrong, the American people suffer, and the hacks keep their jobs

Elon Musk Warns Users That Zuckerberg’s “WhatsApp” Is Secretly Accessing Device Microphones
Zuckerberg is unrestrained evil

Trans Runner Whines After Being Barred From Competing Against Women In Olympics: ‘I Feel Marginalized’
Now he knows what it’s really like to be today’s woman

Starbucks fires trans barista screaming at customer to ‘get out’ after being misgendered: ‘Let go of me’
See ya!

MSNBC Tops Fox News in Primetime Ratings After Tucker Carlson Exit
Who didn’t see this coming?


Biden accuser Tara Reade posts cryptic message about death before potentially testifying to Congress
Look at all the political class has pulled, just over the last six years, and know murder could be a no-brainer to these people

2 Supreme Court justices did not recuse themselves in cases involving their book publisher
Is CNN outing Justice Sonia Sotomayor hoping she’ll retire and the left can replace her with a really crazy wise Latina?


While probably not intentional (unlike emotional cable news and radio wrist-slitters like Dan Bongino), Markley, Van Camp & Robbins has best (IMO) filled the void left by Rush Limbaugh from noon to 3pm EST or commercial free podcasts in case you missed their live broadcast!


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