Mac Jones is a ‘Dirty Player’ Pussy; Hides Behind League QB Protection

There comes a time when one can no longer attribute incidents as mere coincidences.

New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones is a dirty player. One example of a questionable action could’ve been placed in the anomaly column but we’re at number four now and with that, one could also say Mac Jones is a dirty pussy.

After Sunday’s loss to the New England Patriots, New York Jets cornerback Sauce Gardner accused quarterback Mac Jones of hitting him below the belt following a skirmish in the fourth quarter.

“He had got tackled and he reached his hand up to try and get me to help him up and I just moved his hand out the way. So then he gets up and he just comes up to me like ‘Good job’ but while he’s saying that he hit me in my private parts.”

When asked about it Sunday, Jones denied any malice.
Fox News, 9/26/23

During practices, quarterbacks wear a red jersey meaning he is that one person on the field who doesn’t get hit. During regular season and playoff games, the National Football League has implemented many rules meant to protect quarterbacks from unnecessary violence and possible injury on the field. Imaging playing in the NFL with a reasonable expectation that you’re the only person on the field who won’t take a replay-worthy hit.

Imagine what an vindictive player could think he could get away with knowing the League has his back.

Obviously Mac Jones knows this and he reminds us of that irrational woman on social media who physically assaults someone, and then backs off shouting “Don’t touch me!” She has that reasonable expectation that women won’t be hit, so she uses that as a shield when she acts out.

Mac Jones believes he won’t take that big hit so he can do whatever he wants to opposing players who piss him off or have made him look bad.

There was the Brian Burns ankle-twist sprainer (no fine)….

The Jaquan Brisker high slide (no fine)….

And the Eli Apple below-the-knee ($13,367 fine)….

The sports world has been keeping count.

Mac Jones has fostered a reputation of playing a bit on the edge at best and playing a bit outside the lines at worst. After a dubious play in his rookie season involving Panthers defense end Brian Burns, Jones had a trio of incidents in 2022 and an early play in 2023 that has people questioning the integrity of his play. Most recently, Jones was accused of hitting Jets corner Sauce Gardner “in the private parts” during the Patriots’ Week 3 win against New York.
The Sporting News, 9/25/23

A lot of people have cut Jones slack. It totally unenviable to be in a position of replacing a Greatest Of All Time. It’s unenviable to face expectations as a rooking starting in the NFL. The fans can be patient as long as that player shows humility and growth as those first few years come and go. There are good reasons, beyond Jones’ control, why his progression has been slower than desired, but these unsportsmanlike incidents are now drawing a bigger spotlight and we see no signs they will cease, especially when he shows no remorse or empathy towards those he’s attempted, or succeeded in injuring.

Jones said he did not do anything wrong during the play, saying that in a quarterback sneak like that, “it can get pretty physical.”

The problem with actions and words like these is they will eventually make Jones an official target. Just because coaches and bounties were addressed before doesn’t mean others can’t be more discreet in the future. Professionals pay the game to make a living and provide for their families. Dirty plays meant to injure (and possibly end careers) are taken very seriously and just because the League has rules meant to protect team’s franchise players, doesn’t mean accidents can’t happen.

The video isn’t conclusive, but something clearly happened as Jones passed by Gardner. Given the various other cameras in the building, there could be a clear angle of whatever transpired. It’s not the first time Jones has been accused of dirty play. He always has an excuse or an explanation. At some point, there are too many incidents. At some point, the excuses and explanations don’t matter. At some point, it’s fair to declare that Mac Jones is a dirty player.
NBC Sports Boston, 9/25/23

If Mac Jones continues to engage in conduct that appears to disregard the safety of others, in fact the appearance of attempting to injure, he may have to keep his head on a swivel for a very good reason.

Bob Parks is a lifelong New England Patriots fan.