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Sri Lanka attack death toll rises to 290
Authorities warned on 4 April of potential attacks, Sri Lankan minister says – as it happened
Jihad murderer Mohamed Azzam Mohamed blew himself up in busy Easter Sunday hotel buffet line
Asos billionaire Anders Holch Povlsen loses three children in Sri Lanka blasts
Despite India’s Warning, Sri Lanka ‘Failed’ to Take Precautions; PM Admits Colombo Had Intel on Blasts
Sri Lanka Points to Islamic Militants in Easter Bombing Attacks
Mob attack on Anuradhapura Methodist Centre and its aftermath
Another explosion near Dehiwala zoo
Muslim Fulani Herdsmen Massacre Christians after Baby Dedication in Nigeria
ISIS claims first attack in DR Congo, saying it killed soldiers near Uganda border
Some people did something….

BuzzFeed News editor takes heat for suggesting Trump would be more outraged if Sri Lanka victims were white
Obama, Clinton, Democrats Denounce Attacks On ‘Easter Worshippers,’ Not ‘Christians’
Some things really aren’t “news”

Abducted, raped and forced into Islamic marriage 15 YO Shalet has now been rescued and has given testimony of her ordeal!
No #MeToo attention for Shalet

Microsoft staff are openly questioning the value of diversity
When white liberals’ jobs are threatened

DOJ inspector general confirms yearlong investigation into FISA abuse is still active
These people are pretty thorough

Do you believe those behind the false 'Russian collusion' coup will go to jail?

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Electric vehicles emit more CO2 than diesel ones, German study shows
Uh oh

‘Arab leaders pressuring Palestinians to accept Trump plan’
The difference between dealing with squishy career diplomats and Donald Trump

Ontario man dubbed ‘high risk to public safety’ after trying to join terror group set for release
You may wish to rethink your vacation plans north

New Hampshire senator to call on 2020 Democrats to support repeal of voter residency law
Legalizing how Democrats cheat every two years

U.S. Soldiers Are Disarmed, Held At Gunpoint By Mexican Troops In Texas
On U.S. soil even

American Taliban fighter John Walker Lindh gets early release from 20-year jail sentence next month but is banned from using internet or travelling overseas
Like that won’t happen

Ocasio-Cortez targeted by mystery multimillionaire donor
The adults have had enough

Mueller investigated whether Trump attended a 2016 chess championship alongside Russians
Dems digging into Trump finances post-Mueller
Bharara: Mueller report shows there’s ‘potential viable prosecution once Donald Trump leaves office’
The backlash will be epic

North Korea’s Kim to make three-day visit to Russia for summit with Putin

Boeing Employees Claim Shoddy 787 Dreamliner Jet Production: Report
Outsourced, Offshore Airline Maintenance Work Has Risen
That’s rather unsettling

Homeless shelter, looming IPOs have San Francisco on edge
NIMBY: San Fran’s libs virtue-signal about ‘compassion for homeless’ until city plans mega-shelter near THEIR homes

Pete Buttigieg is for real
Elizabeth Warren wants to use her wealth tax to wipe out Americans’ college debt and pay for tuition

Clown car update