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‘Anarchy and Chaos’: Violent Antifa Protests Break Out in Portland
Portland police are retreating from Antifa
Donald Trump Says ‘Major’ Consideration Given to Labeling Antifa an ‘Organization of Terror’
Rep. Haaland (D): Antifa Are ‘Peaceful Protesters’ Trying To ‘Safeguard Their City’
Beto: Trump Leading a ‘Concerted, Organized Attack Against’ People of Color
They could only say something so ridiculous on Sunday shows if they truly believe the viewers are that stupid

California governor signs law to limit shootings by police
Of course, Governor Newson would NEVER tell young black people to stop breaking the law

FEC Chair Says Trump ‘Undermines Democracy’ With Voter Fraud Claims
Flashback: Google, Facebook, etc. Could Steer 15 Mil. Votes for the 2020 Democrat
It’s only voter fraud if you get caught and the media chooses to report it

Tlaib calls for boycott of Maher’s show after he rails against BDS movement
Here’s where the ugly begins!

Cop-hating mob at Brooklyn housing project injures three NYPD officers
Maybe it’s time to stop answering 911 calls at certain addresses


The exodus from New York continues….

Disgraced #MeToo journalist plots comeback with How to Beat Trump book
White liberal media privilege

California’s Biggest Cities Confront a ‘Defecation Crisis’
Shithole states

Teen Vogue: How to Get an Abortion If You’re a Teen without telling your parents
If there was ever a media outlet worthy of a boycott….

Joseph Kennedy III is said to be considering a run against Edward Markey for Senate
Just what Massachusetts needs: another Kennedy in office just because they are Kennedys

Down syndrome ‘drag show’ created by LGBT activist coming to Michigan
“Disability drag”. What a bunch of sickos

Look who’s coming back in December: US President Donald Trump to make third visit to the UK for Nato summit in London
Time for their lefties to break out their balloons again

2020 Democrats inject faith into messages at black church PAC forum
Warren, Sanders Get Personal With Young, Black Christians

Don’t know what’s worse: Democrats having total disregard for IRS rules or black churches depending on the race card to shield them

House Democrats will retaliate after Israel block of Tlaib and Omar
Has President Trump compound fractured the 2020 Jewish vote? 

‘People don’t want to be stupid twice’: Foreign diplomats brace for Trump 2020 win
Given the state of diplomacy in the world, they’ve always been and continue to be the stupid ones

Methodist Church closer to official split over LGBTQ issues
Pandering: enough is enough

Obama Told Joe Biden’s Campaign Staff Not To Let Him ‘Embarrass Himself’
Obama told Biden advisers not to let the former Veep ‘damage his legacy’ in his 2020 presidential run
Joe Biden confuses Burlington, Iowa, with Burlington, Vt., in latest gaffe
Too late

Biden: ‘There’s an awful lot of really good Republicans out there’
This will be considered a gaffe


Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib Share Antisemitic Cartoon by Participant in Iran’s Holocaust Denial Contest
The idiocy of arrogance

Dems struggle to reach black millennials
Zogby: ‘Poor performances’ of Democrats boost Trump’s approval to 51%, up with blacks and Hispanics
Democrats are at a disadvantage because they’ve never had to make good on promises for decades

MSNBC Guest Tiffany Cross: ‘I Highly Doubt’ Anybody at a MAGA Rally Can Find Greenland on a Map
AOC: Trump Supporters Not Educated Enough to Recognize Their Own Racism
Liberals really think if they insult us enough, it will accomplish… anyone… anyone…?

ABC Fined $395K by FCC for ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ Emergency Alert Misuse
Who’s stupid?

Disney’s Mulan faces boycott calls after star Crystal Liu Yifei backs police in Hong Kong, accused of excessive force against protesters
Again, just because they’re actors doesn’t mean they’re smart

Los Angeles earthquake app upgraded to actually warn about earthquakes
An app that can predict the future. Right…

You know things are bad when the PC mob comes for Jay-Z
Jay-Z partnership is perfect cover for NFL’s ‘social justice’ pandering
Like most elitists, when they don’t get their way, they’ll find another vehicle to try again

Your tax dollars at work: funding the radical left
How long have we been calling for nonprofit reform…?

CNN: July was Earth’s hottest month on record
NY Times: NOAA Data Confirms July Was Hottest Month Ever Recorded
NBC News: It’s official: July was hottest month on record
WaPo: On fire: July was California’s hottest month ever recorded
Dr. Roy Spencer: July 2019 Was Not the Warmest on Record
Hmm… somehow we can remember hotter months, but what do we know?

Dallas rap rivalry leads to shooting death of 9-year-old girl
All over a “rap”

‘It’s appalling and shocking’: Major designers pull their upcoming New York Fashion Week shows from Hudson Yards in protest of Stephen Ross’ Trump re-election fundraiser
And how many of us really buy from “major designers”?

Clinton pastor’s son is suspected mole during Hillary probe. Senate says hater still works for Trump
Strange Jeep Followed ICIG Investigators Probing Hillary Email Scandal–Investigator’s House Broken Into, Computers Stolen, Trash Rummaged Through
Suspected FBI informant linked to Russia ‘smears’ claims immunity afforded to government agents
Assisted Suicide Avoidance – John Brennan Intel Asset Joseph Mifsud “Gave Audio Tape Deposition Before Going Into Hiding”
Sounds like someone is getting close


Which of the #DeepState coup-plotters will be the first to cry in public if indicted?

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Elizabeth Warren unveils expansive proposal on Native American issues
Elizabeth Warren Scrubs Website Of Native American DNA Results
If ya have to scrub it, you shouldn’t have said it

Russian-born Florida man, 22, is arrested after he threatened to stab ‘as many children as possible’ at an elementary school because of their ‘obnoxious pride in America’
“Russian-born”, American liberal indoctrinated

Kathleen Blanco, Louisiana governor during Hurricane Katrina, dies of cancer
Get ready for a glowing eulogy that will omit all of her deadly Hurricane Katrina missteps

Trump: ‘$700M’ cost of Greenland is ‘hurting Denmark very badly’
As a strategic location, it wouldn’t be a bad acquisition

News reporter attacked by feminist hooligans then knocked out cold by thug at ‘gender violence’ protest in Mexico
“Mostly peaceful”

Jussie Smollett Contemplates Suing the City of Chicago Over His Arrest for Alleged Hoax Attack
Jussie needs a lawyer who’ll tell him to shut up and move on

NY univ. promotes paper comparing cow insemination to ‘rape,’ milking cows to ‘sexual abuse’
And they call Trump supporters stupid….

Leprosy Persists in Los Angeles County, and Elsewhere
How many plagues were there supposed to be?


Illinois state senator apologizes for staged Trump assassination photos at fundraiser
I apologized. Now leave me alone like it never happened

Federal judge rules against Maryland as Judicial Watch wins big to uncover obvious vote fraud potential
Judge blasts Georgia officials’ handling of election system
Flashback: Obama on voter fraud claims: ‘This is fake news’
Fake by the millions

VA wrongfully denied $53M in vets’ medical claims in 6-month period
It’s been long established, too many in the VA could really give a shit about veterans

Targeted in Walmart attack, Hispanics in El Paso flock to firearms classes
And which 2020 Democrat will ask them to stop?

CNN steers softball interview carefully to give violent Antifa a new voice
The soft side of Antifa

Older Adults Scammed More Often By Relatives Than Strangers, Study Finds
Why did this even require a study?

NYT Executive Editor Says Focus Has Shifted From Russia-Trump Theory to Trump’s ‘Character’
What are we on, Plan G….

In Blue Seattle, Trump Supporters are Starting to Come out of Hiding
Translation: They’re pushing back!


Fire marshal: Donald Trump’s boast that he smashed Elton John’s attendance record at MAGA arena is TRUE
Biden campaign holds rally down the street from Trump
Final score
Trump 11,300 (not including 8,000-9000 that couldn’t get in)
Biden 30

Jeffrey Epstein apparently bought women’s panties while in jail
So, he was already someone’s bitch

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle take SECOND private plane in two days as they ‘jet off to the South of France’ just 48 hours after Ibiza holiday – despite their long-running support for environmental causes
‘Stop taking flights on private jets!’: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle face backlash for urging people on Instagram to ‘do your little bit of good’ – after taking four flights in 11 days
Carbon off-setting scheme supported by Sir Elton John on behalf of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will have no ‘meaningful’ effect on climate change says Greenpeace’s chief scientist
Because they’re so special

A black teen ran out with a $2 beer. Then a Tennessee store clerk followed him and shot him dead
What’s the permissible theft dollar value that the black parent should tell their kid to avoid?

DCCC Remains in Disarray Following Diversity Shakeup
Too much diversity

The Electoral College could split evenly in 2020. That’s good for Trump and bad for democracy
Note how NBC News is dismissing the popular vote…

Trump suspends CNN analyst’s credentials in another shot at the press
At least he didn’t pull an April-Ryan-bodyguard on the “White House correspondent for Playboy”


Holier-than-thou teen climate activist who dissed Trump not as ‘green’ as she thinks
Just waiting for her eyes to glow for confirmation

O’Rourke visits Arkansas gun show after releasing gun control platform
It’s easy to flip when you’re a flop

New York Times board member apologizes for Jeffrey Epstein ties
When was the last time The New York Times accepted an apology?

Trump aides pushed for states’ ability to block migrant kids from enrolling in public schools
Let’s start with the fact they have near zero the paperwork American children can be denied entry for alone

Afghanistan: Bomb rips through wedding in Kabul
Afghan President Vows To ‘Eliminate’ Islamic State Havens After Wedding Attack
No tolerance for The Religion of Peace

Mexico does not want El Paso shooter executed
President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador believes he has a say and Crusius should be extradited because Mexico has no death penalty. Is he high?

Ransomware Attack Hits Texas Government Entities
Everything’s bigger in Texas 

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