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President Trump supporters line up 40 hours before Orlando rally
Trump Campaign Just Raised $24.8 Million, Less Than 24 Hours After Orlando Rally
Readers react to Orlando Sentinel’s ‘not Donald Trump’ 2020 endorsement
797 Trump reelection ‘watch parties’ set, six times the number of #ImpeachTrump events
Biden Suggests Starting ‘Physical Revolution’ To Deal With Republicans
Joe Biden Shares Fond Memories of Working With Segregationist Senators in the 1970s: ‘We Got Things Done’
Bernie Sanders Takes a Flamethrower to Trump on MSNBC: ‘Racist …Sexist… Homophobe Religious Bigot’
CNN cuts away from Trump rally after crowd chants ‘CNN sucks’

Netanyahu inaugurates Trump Heights, Israel’s newest town on the Golan Heights
Obama only got streets and schools named after him

40 Acres and a Mule: Ta-Nehisi Coates and Danny Glover join renewed debate over reparations
Reparations for slavery remains divisive issue for US, remarks by Booker, McConnell suggest
The loudest of the halfricans demanding reparations NEVER enlighten us if they should be paid or if they’re owed

Loophole in law granting illegal immigrants driver’s licenses could lead to voter fraud
N.Y. lawmakers agree to historic climate plan
NYC schools investigator arrested for drunk driving following marijuana complaint
NY Govt. Could Decide Consumer Prices By Gender
Yet more reasons to drive around New York

New York Jewish community condemns AOC for Holocaust comparison
Poll: AOC disliked, distrusted, unwanted in her own NY district
Ocasio-Cortez unleashes lawyer on campaign aide who penned memoir
Star complex: The biggest mouths tend to have the thinnest of skins

Taylor Swift reunites with Katy Perry in star-studded, pro-LGBT ‘Calm Down’ video
Calling your audience dumb rednecks should be listed under “How to kill your career” (or what’s left of it)

George Soros continues to collect district attorneys
When is HIS long-overdue collusion investigation going to commence?


Are Pride Parades Kid-Friendly? Parents Say Children Can Handle The Kink
After years of “pride” celebrations, why “kink” being addressed now?

Julián Castro: ‘Our Border Is as Secure as It Ever Has Been’
Julian Castro for President, 2020!

In first states to legalize pot, teen use triggers concerns
The stoopids in the Colorado and Washington state legislatures claimed they had it all covered, and speaking of stoopids…

New Denver City Council Member: I Will Usher In Communism ‘By Any Means Necessary’
Candi CdeBaca. Have you noticed that some liberals have really weird names?

House Republicans demand hearing after State Dept. cites ‘multiple security incidents’ under Clinton leadership
Judicial Watch Releases Testimony of Clinton Email Administrator – Clinton Lawyer Cheryl Mills Communicated with Him a Week Prior to Testimony
State Dept identifies 15 people culpable in 30 instances of Hillary security violations
Emails Show Obama State Department’s Role in Anti-Trump Coup Cabal
Special Prosecutor John Durham is Now Circling the Target – Ex-CIA Chief John Brennan


Which of the #DeepState coup-plotters will be the first to cry in public if indicted?

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Mika Claims Elizabeth Warren Was a Liberal Her ‘Whole Life’ — But She Was GOP Until 1996
Only in the American media can you make millions for being stupid on a daily basis

State Dept. Suspends $200 Million Enhanced Aid for El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras Pending Illegal Migration Enforcement
Trump Says Guatemala Is Set to Help Stem Migrant Flow
How long did that take? One day…?

Trayvon Martin’s Mother, Sybrina Fulton, Says Hillary Clinton Inspired Her Run For Office
Uh… Hillary lost.

Black reporter harassed at impeach Trump protest: ‘Go back to Fox News to pick cotton’
So, what else is new?

Chick-fil-A is now the 3rd-largest restaurant chain in America, and McDonald’s and Starbucks should be terrified
Courteous employees and a simple menu that keeps the “fast” in fast food. Oh, and they correctly blew off social media blackmail

FBI agent in Eric Greitens probe indicted on perjury charges
If they’ll do this to a politician….

People who post about God on Facebook are more likely to develop these life-threatening conditions
Someone had to think up this university survey. Any guess as to the motivation?

How 7.4 Tons of Venezuela’s Gold Landed in Africa—and Vanished
That much gold doesn’t just “vanish”

Fellow Democrats called for Northam to resign. Now many are taking his money.
Democrat principles have a price

Broadway’s ‘Hillary and Clinton’ to Close One Month Early
Take the hint

Obama shuns unwritten rules for ex-presidents as he rakes in cash, dabbles in politics
Liberals rewarding his white half

Defendant Who Conspired to Murder U.S. Soldiers Sentenced to 26 Years Imprisonment
Paul Manafort in solitary confinement in Manhattan prison
Had Faruq Khalil Muhammad ‘Isa worked on the 2016 Trump campaign, he’d have been given life

Russia’s Most Modern Warship And Its Escorts Have Entered The Caribbean Sea
Trying to stay relevant

Trump doesn’t apologize for his Central Park Five ads
People formulate opinions, right or wrong, from the information they receive either firsthand or via the media


Hong Kong protesters make rest of the world look bad with 2am rubbish clean up
Something we’ve NEVER seen after any liberal Democrat trash-dump gathering

Trump’s Department of Interior Axing 7,500 Regs to Give Americans Access to Federal Land
It was always supposed to be the people’s land

GOP Cruises to victory in two FL Special Elections
If Democrats had won these, we’d be hearing about an ominous warning for Republicans in 2020

Quebec Passes Canada’s Strictest Secularism Bill
American citizens should pay attention to the fascism-creep in Canada

Earth Is Moving Toward Same Meteor Swarm Scientists Believe Caused The Tunguska Explosion Of 1908
Thanks for the heads up

Rep. Maxine Waters asks Facebook to pause work on cryptocurrency Libra
BANG FOR YOUR ZUCK? Facebook unveils ”its most invasive and dangerous form of surveillance yet’ with launch of Libra cryptocurrency
Zuckerberg is evil

Francisco Carranza-Ramirez: Search on for rapist who returned to attack victim after release from jail
Some crimes should be an automatic life sentence with no possibility of parole

Mexican soccer’s homophobic chant is back, and so are the insufficient attempts to stop it
Weren’t we all told me MUST embrace their culture?

Oklahoma high school graduates fall ill during Dominican Republic trip, parent says
Alcohol poisoning?

Huntington Park Police to Deploy ‘RoboCop’ to Monitor Public Areas
It will be interesting to read the graffiti on that bad boy in the hours after deployment

Fox, CNN, C-SPAN ‘barred’ from live coverage of SC 2020 Democratic Convention
Trump Planning To Live Tweet Democratic Debates: Report
President Trump’s interpretation will receive more attention than any Democrat bitchfest

Single-Payer Health Care Will Increase Fraud, Corruption
No, really?

Hoping for more diverse candidates, Hennepin County no longer requires master’s degree for its library director
Why should a library director be able to read?


Gov. Tim Walz says he was ‘appalled’ by DFL staffer’s “murder boat” tweet on USS Minneapolis-Saint Paul
Flashback: Minnesota Democratic Staffer Calls for Execution of Republicans
Obviously suspensions don’t work on the unstable

Girls file federal discrimination complaint after transgender track wins
Beto: I Promise I’ll Let Boys Compete In Girls’ Sports
Let the girls duke this out

Are Trans People Excluded from the World of Dating?
Oh, now it’s OUR fault