MSNBC’s Williams Has NO Credibility Challenging Trump Admin Honesty

We must admit to having a moment of unbridled humor while watching MSNBC late Monday night. It was the word “trust” that set us off in near howls of laughter, considering the source: Brian Williams. As in sports, it’s hard to dump a “troubled” player with a five-year, $15 million salary so some of us […]

Video: CNN Deceptively Edits Sessions Confirmation Video

Okay, let’s be fair; according to WMAL’s Chris Plante, all broadcast media but Fox News has aired the edited response then-Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions gave to Minnesota Senator Al Franken during the confirmation hearings. Franken asked a question with regards to a universally discredited, #FakeNews story run by CNN…. Intel chiefs presented Trump with […]

#Rigged Polls

Nowhere in American society are Americans asked to participate in surveys or polls where a certain boost is given to one of the subjects over the other… that is, with the exception of political polls. Polling units almost always appear to ask more Democrats than Republicans and those results are not only made public, but […]

Illegals: Since Millions Broke the Law, We Should Change the Law

While CNN and other professional media outlets present illegal aliens as victims regarding their status during a Trump Administration, “immigration reform” has been the response to millions who’ve achieved fugitive status mere seconds upon violating our sovereign border. 8 U.S. Code § 1325 – Improper entry by alien Any alien who (1) enters or attempts […]

Did CNN Deceive the Public During Chicago #antiTrump Protest?

We had media personalities sneaking debate questions to a preferred candidate. They withheld information from WikiLeaks they deemed of questionable accuracy when it damaged their preferred candidate. And now, the media is making half-assed attempts to assure us all, after their failed election manipulations, that they are going to tell the truth. That didn’t last […]

On Climate Change, Obama is ‘97%’ Consensus-Challenged

He’s in our face whenever he can be, mocking anyone who’d dare challenge him….   Again, just because Obama says so, doesn’t make it so, and “There’s no debate” is his presidential way of saying, “Shut the fuck up”. However, we all know how ballistic liberals get when you present them with facts and numbers. The […]

Hate Hoaxes

Justifying and Excusing False Accusations CBC: Crying hate crime: how hoaxes give bigots ammunition to undermine real victims WaPo: Experts on hate crimes say that false accounts are still relatively rare. Daily Beast: Sorry, Haters—A Handful of Hoaxes Doesn’t Debunk the Hate-Crime Reality Thought Catalog: 4 Rad Ways To Improve Your Hate-Crime Hoax Inside Higher […]

Northeastern Illinois U: Boneheads Of The Day

The question should be how many thousands of students walked by this and still believe it? Northeastern Illinois University said a plaque referring to Abraham Lincoln as a “Democrat” is a reference to his advocacy of democracy. However, the university said the plaque, which has been in place for more than a century, is not […]