Geoengineering: Acting Like They’re Not Yet Doing What They ARE Doing

When you base your arguments on a widely-distributed, yet stupid concept, you’re only left to react stupidly. It’s even more insidious when we’re kinda’ being told it’s something stupid they may or may not do even though anyone with eyes knows they’re already doing it. Just recently, it was acknowledged that despite demonizing those who […]

Deep Thinking: Did You Know That Donald Trump is OUR Fault?

We get email alerts, as annoying as most are, and some inspire commentary. One such example is from a group called “The Trump Impeachment” and they sent a link to the following post by Joseph “Murfster35” Murphy. You wanna blame somebody for Trump? Blame his supporters. Seriously. The sole reason that Trump says what he […]

Sharyl Attkisson’s GoFundMe: Self-Serving or Public Service?

By Bob Parks Every since Barack Obama took his last walk out of the White House, the media’s love affair with his eight years continues to this day. They even ran with his assertion that all was unicorns and rainbows during his two terms. “We didn’t have a scandal that embarrassed us,” Obama said. Sure, […]

CNN Proves Numerous Claims of ‘Ended’ Veteran Homelessness is a Lie

In the media’s ongoing attempt to prove how much better they are than the American people, CNN issued the following “Do more than just thank a veteran” in their daily email drop. Help veterans on the streets A phone call can also make difference in the life of a veteran who is homeless or at […]

White Dem Women Call Out Racism While Always Exempting Themselves

It must be nice to feel so morally and intellectually superior that you can accuse so many people you don’t know of something while exempting yourself of the same thing from a position of self-imposed superiority. Let’s get this out of the way from the onset: this is AGAIN about sore-loser Hillary Clinton supporters’ continuing […]

Hillary’s Campaign Knew She Had No Chance; Devastating Internals

The bad news was probably felt by their campaign gurus, they knew things weren’t looking good and it appears to have been known by too many downwind of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. They just needed verification as it was time to implement a “salvage program”. Remember how the media told us Hillary support among blacks […]

MoveOn/NextGen: Democrat-House-Victory ‘Civility’ Didn’t Last 24 Hours

When it comes to Democrats, “civility” has conditions and a time limit. You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for. I believe if we are fortunate enough to take back the House and or the Senate, that’s when civility can start again. — Hillary Clinton, 10/9/18 Well, […]

‘Reformed Republican’ Proves How Stupid Some Conservatives Are

Many of you out there know our situation and we’re not alone. We’ve asked for speaking opportunities so we can be in front of those who could point us in a positive direction for employment, asked to have our resumes shared with those who could help us be self-sufficient, reached out for assistance when things […]

Lemon Omits for 30+ Years, Democrats Racialized Elections with Fear

Disingenuous liberal Democrats and their media are lashing out at President Trump and his supporters, calling them “white nationalist” racists for defending our sovereign borders. They use the power of overpaid news commentators, partisan academia and the politically-irrelevant in the entertainment industry to invoke get-out-the-vote fear while whitewashing their own use of fear and race […]

The Black & Blonde Media Thursday Skim

Don Lemon: ‘Biggest Terror Threat Is White Men’ ‘Radicalized to the Right’ CNN’s Don Lemon doubles down on controversial remarks that the ‘biggest terror threat in this country is white men, not foreigners’ by insisting ‘cold hard facts’ back him up CNN not commenting on Lemon’s remark about white men CNN’s Stepin Fetchit jumping the […]