Kanye’s Exit Proves Why Kirk-Owens’ Social Media #BLEXIT Would Fail

We were told by multiple people we must embrace Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens as political genius-social media gurus in bringing blacks to the Republican Party. We reminded them of the hypocrisy of not following unelected, so-called black leaders like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton but now being told to follow people like Kirk, Owens […]

DOJ Threatens ‘Obstruction’ If Trump Releases FISA Documents

If you didn’t think the so-called #DeepState isn’t scared shitless about the possibility that President Trump may soon declassify all documents relating to the Russian collusion ruse, remember: only they are allowed to screw people’s lives and even send anyone they want to prison. It’s not supposed to happen to THEM and now that it’s […]

Dem ‘Bomb’ Mailers: Media Outrage, Mailers to Trumps, Admin: No Big Deal

One would think, by the level of October Surprise outrage, that sending potentially deadly materials to public officials and the media is a one-way partisan street. That’s because the same media going off on President Trump and his supporters, blaming them (“jumping to conclusions”) were remiss in alerting the general public with equal horror when […]

CNN’s Jim Acosta Lies, Calls President Trump ‘The Original Birther’

It becomes a problem when you just don’t know if a national political correspondent is either functionally ignorant or a liar. Case in point, CNN’s Jim Acosta. During a segment called “CITIZEN by CNN”, he claimed Donald Trump was “the original birther” with regards to Barack Obama’s eligibility to be President of the United States. […]

The Democrat ‘Blue Wave’ is Beginning to Look Like a Tsunami of Panic

Democrats are quite predictable, especially during election years. They scare their voters with premonitions of social security cuts if Republicans are elected: cuts that NEVER happen. They scare voters with premonitions of all kinds of doom and gloom if Republicans are elected. The media has pundit after pundit on their news programs giving Democrats free […]

NBC News’ Deceptive Tweet Again Shows Racist Contempt for Blacks

NBC News’ latest deceptive edit proves that they have little respect for black people as their intent was clearly to inflame those whom they, rightly or wrongly, are ignorant of the racist history of the Democrat Party. Democrats and their media have made a big deal about removing Confederate statues and monuments while leaving out […]

Definition of Insanity: Conservative Frauds Anointed for Blacks (Again)

Let’s try and dumb this down for the intellectually fragile. Had a conservative news outlet reported that a liberal group had documented racists within and the leader of that liberal group hired a black person to be a front to deflect from that racism, the right would be up in arms, Hannity would be doing […]

Christine Blasey Ford and the Rewarding of False Rape Accusations

Like after the failed impeachment of Bill Clinton, the left instructed us it was time to “MoveOn“. After the failure to squash the nomination of Brett Cavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court, rape accuser Christine Blasey Ford has also decided it’s time to move on. With the Senate voting to confirm Brett Kavanaugh as […]

‘Roe vs. Wade’ Was Based on a False Rape Accusation

History is pockmarked with instances of tragic irony. The Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation should be recognized as one of those examples where a lie resulted in a political reality, now revisited. The left is in hysterics because Kavanaugh could be a deciding vote on the SCOTUS bench should abortion reappear on the docket, and […]

Do Mainers Even WANT Susan Rice As Their United States Senator?

One thing politicians who decide to run for an office seldom ask, why they want the job, do the people really want them? Politicians who are successful usually live fulltime in the area they wish to represent. It’s not about a vacation home but knowing the people and the issues. Locals who know that person, […]